The Rise in Popularity of Smart Cards in the Hotel Industry

The Rise in Popularity of Smart Cards in the Hotel Industry


The hospitality industry is an increasingly large one, with a huge primary focus on customer service and providing a positive experience for both guests and staff. Hotels across the world have been implementing new technology to bring their establishments into the 21st century, both modernising their systems and improving their operations to ensure customer relationships remain strong.

The hotel industry has been using the likes of smart cards for some time now, priding itself on being able to offer state-of-the-art, seamless solutions. With the smart cards usually being used in place of traditional magstripe cards, in order to allow appropriate access to rooms and facilities, this technology is now moving another step forward. What the hotel industry has begun to do now, is to unlock the full potential of smart cards and move further than simply physical access.

If you’re still using traditional magstripe cards in your hotel, you’re missing more than a trick. Hotel technology is changing; becoming cleverer and much more impressive, with much of the implemented solutions now being a standard. With an industry that was predicted to reach $550 billion this year, it’s clear that hotel owners should ensure they are taking the next step to uphold their reputation. Companies like Universal Smart Cards offer a number of different ways you could take advantage of a smart card system.

Extended access with smart cards

While the majority of hotels will simply implement smart cards to allow both guests and staff access to designated areas, there are available solutions that can expand the purpose of your smart card system. Many hotels will operate similar facilities, from the gym to the mini bar. What if the smart cards you currently use in your hotel allowed for the same card to be used for everything?

By implementing an updated system, you could provide a tailored experience for each guest and member of staff. Extending the list of functions that the smart card can perform is not only impressive, it’s also incredibly efficient.

Security is a particular priority for the hotel industry with the sheer amount of people often coming and going. Physical access can be extended past hotel rooms, allowing guests access to the gym, spa or any other facilities while restricting entry to employee areas. Staff’s access can also be monitored; and with the addition of personal data being stored on the smart cards, you are able to track activity for the sake of accountability.

Forms of payment

For guests staying at your hotel, dining in the restaurant or delving into the mini bar could be an easy process, without the worry of a large bill at the end of their stay. Smart card technology allows for cashless payment. Reducing the amount of cash handling your hotel will need to manage, you can also create automated revenue seamlessly.

The notion of a guest being able to use their access card as a payment method during their stay is an incredibly convenient and attractive solution. Unifying your operations as a hotel can provide a smooth process for everyone involved, creating an efficient and productive business.

Loyalty programs

As a hotel, you may want to offer a loyalty scheme for those who use your properties regularly. This is a proven way to give back to your customers and ensure they know their custom is appreciated. Whether you are an individual boutique hotel or a global corporation such as Marriott or Hilton, you can manage your loyalty programs through the very same smart card system.

With the option of being designed to allow data storage, a hotel’s smart card can be loaded with loyalty points or even have those points redeemed with a simple touch. This is also more convenient than having a separate card for customers to keep hold of. Working from one centralised management system, a hotel can merge many different functions together.

Having such a solution in place for your staff and hotel guests, you are able to project a positive impression which could potentially result in a boost in business. There is a huge opportunity to get so much more out of your operating system.

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