Things To Remember When You Move House ~ Part 1


Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do in life and during all the madness it’s easy to forget some very important things. As I’m in the process of moving house for the second time in 6 months (It’s a long story!) I thought it would be good to share a brief list of essential things you need to remember to do before and after you move so you don’t land yourself in trouble with credit reference or even government agencies. Some of these points might seem quite obvious to you but maybe they won’t be to others so please forgive the obvious ones. I hope at least one of the following points prods your memory and if I’ve missed anything out that you feel to be vitally important then please share your thoughts in the comments box at the end of this post. If you need a more in depth moving resource you should check out different moving companies blogs. Anyway, here we go!

More Than Just Your Bills

The first thing that most people do when they move home is to compile a list of all their bills and credit arrangements etc. with the intention of informing them of a change of address. It’s vitally important to get these addresses changed over as quickly as possible with all the relevant companies as sometimes changes in billing addresses can play havoc with any direct debits or standing orders you may have in place on your bank account giving rise to the possibility of missing a payment. Forgetting to change your address can also cause problems when you’re trying to set up new regular payments on your bank account or even when making a debit card payment over the phone.

Changing your address shouldn’t just stop with the bills though! Don’t forget to change your address on things like your drivers licence, car ownership form, with the taxman, government benefit agencies or on any other legal documents you feel might be necessary like insurance documents. Most of us have some kind of document box where we store all our important correspondence so be sure to have a thorough search through that box. A failure to change your address on your motor documents is not only illegal but it can also cause problems when you come to insure or tax your car when these things are next due.


If you want to make the other side of the move as stress free as possible then organisation is vital. For example rather than just packing up each room and have a stack of boxes all labelled the same, try and pack similar items together. For instance when packing up the kitchen you could have ‘kitchen/dishes’, ‘kitchen/cutlery & utensils’ so that when you’ve finally unloaded the van and you’re in desperate need of some well deserved takeaway food, you don’t have to rummage through a dozen boxes looking for the plates and cutlery.

Being organised doesn’t just help you with the unpacking though. The thought of having to pack up every single item in your house can be daunting (especially if you have kids), so to make it easy on yourself start writing a list. Bullet point every area in the house such as:


Boys clothes 


Hall Unit 

Then gradually work through the list one by one. You’ll be surprised how good you feel when after a hard day you can tick off lots of areas and see the list shrinking!

Handing Over Your Current House

One thing that takes up a surprising amount of time is cleaning the property before you leave. If you’re selling your home then you’ll want to hand it over in pristine condition not just for the sake of pride, but also because it’s just good home sale etiquette. If you’re moving out of a rental property it will be written into your tenancy agreement that the property has to be left in a clean condition or the landlord has the right to use your deposit/bond that you paid when you moved into the property to get the cleaners in. This same rule applies to things like the condition of carpets, paintwork, gardens etc. so be sure to leave the property as you found it. As we said all this takes time, more time than you probably think so make sure you account for that. A lot of this cleaning can only really be done after you’ve removed your personal belongings and furniture from the property so leave a good hour at the end of the move to have a good clean up or ask some good friends to help clean as you move things out of the property.

Another thing to remember is to make sure you hand in all the remaining keys you may have for the property to the estate/letting agent.

Redirect Your Mail 

This is something that is vitally important, not only for convenience but also to protect your privacy and personal information. It’s also something that shouldn’t be left until the last minute because it will take the post office a good few days to set the arrangement up. I once forgot to redirect the mail from my old property and found that cheque payments from my business customers were temporarily being sent to the wrong address! Needless to say I didn’t make the same mistake again.

Well that’s it for part 1 of ‘Things to remember when you move house’. If you don’t want to miss part 2 be sure to subscribe to our posts by email.

3 Responses to Things To Remember When You Move House ~ Part 1

  1. Whenever I moved I was prettys strict with my boxing up of items. I didn’t want to waste time trying to find things so I made sure it was organized. All my boxed were secured properly and labelled. Moving can be a tedious task, even more so when you move country like I did.

  2. Pauline says:

    You also need to check out of the electoral roll, the council told me that by registering in a new city’s roll you would be taken off the old one but two years later I still have some of my ex tenants showing up.

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