Things You Shouldn’t Do On Impulse #2 ~ Buy A Smartphone


Those of you who read last weeks post ‘I fought the Smartphone & the Smartphone won’ will know that last week I finally caved in to pressure from the world around and got myself a Smartphone. Although my decision to buy a Smartphone wasn’t made on impulse, choosing which Smartphone was a complete impulse decision. I only called up my mobile phone company to see what sort of deal I was eligible for and which phone I could get thrown in but before I knew it a new phone was in the post! Looking back it would have been wise to have done a little more research before committing to a deal.

I know a lot of the things I’m about to mention will be common knowledge to most of you, but if there are any Smartphone virgins left out there here’s a few basic points you should consider when buying your first Smartphone!

Operating Systems Differ Hugely

As I’d never had a Smartphone before, I didn’t know there was so much difference between operating systems. I didn’t know that Android operating systems run different apps to Windows Phone. I didn’t know that some apps are completely exclusive to certain operating systems. I even discovered that my new Nokia 610 can’t even connect to some other non Nokia phones via Bluetooth, which is a bit of a joke to be honest. I’m going to see if there’s an app to correct this though.

Mini Laptops

It turns out that when you buy a mobile phone nowadays you’re basically buying a mini computer, so you need to research the same sort of specifications as you would if you were shopping for a laptop. You need to take things like the operating system, the speed of the processor and the amount of Ram the phone has very seriously as these can drastically affect the performance of a Smartphone in the same way they affect a laptop or PC.

I Should Have Used YouTube

YouTube is an amazing resource when you’re looking to buy a Smartphone. The quality of the video reviews for Smartphones are outstanding. You can spend all day reading about the operating system and specifications of a Smartphone but to be able to see the phone in action and watch a professional video review of the phone would have been more helpful to me in hindsight.

At Least I Can Send It Back 

The good news is I’m not stuck with my phone. If you commit to a mobile phone contract over the phone you have a 14 day cooling off period in which to return your mobile phone if you’re not happy with it. I still havn’t decided whether I want to exercise that right but it’s good to know that the option is there.

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15 Responses to Things You Shouldn’t Do On Impulse #2 ~ Buy A Smartphone

  1. There are so many smartphones out there that if you didn’t know about them, then you would have a hard time choosing the best one for you.

    Thank you for mentioning my gold/silver post. I have received some good feedback on what I should do.

  2. Thanks for the mention Adam, as well as my post at Club Thrifty! We (meaning I) bit the bullet last night and bought my wife an iPad. It’s technically for our business, but let’s get real. 😉 Have a great weekend!

    • Yes John, double love for you this week! I can see me joining the iPad ranks at some point, I’ll convince myself it makes sense for tax purposes. 🙂 Have a fun weekend playing with your new toy!

  3. No a smart phone is not something you should impulse buy, only agreeing with you, because I did that. The only exception was my first smart phone was a used / broken screen one off Craigslist. It was $75 (with the purchase of a new screen) so I didn’t care what it did or didn’t do. I ended up fixing the screen and now Mr. FBS has it. Good thing you can send it back, because smart phones are obnoxiously different some with huge screens, some can do talk and surf, some are 3G or 4G… you get the idea. Good luck with the new phone, at least when you get it you can try it out and see if you like it.

  4. Probably why I don’t have one, it hurts my head to think about all the crap I’d have to research for a phone that I don’t need. Thanks for the mention, keep us updated on your SP journey lol.. Cheers have a good weekend mate.

  5. Jose says:

    Smart phones can definitely be an impulse buy (Kinf of like my story on resisting the impulse to buy a new set of 18V tools). You really should do your homework. My wife and I have no shame, we’ll go into the local Verizon store to check out the phones and make sure we’re comfortable with the phone before buying it, usually on ebay. Thanks for the mention!

  6. Most of the mid to high end cell phone models are on multiple carriers now so really its about the operating system. I stick to Android since it has more flexibility but you can’t go wrong with any major OS.

    • Thanks for the comment Chris, I suppose some of the problems I’m having are due to the phone being a low end model. After paying around £12 a month for the last 4 years I just couldn’t bring myself to pay £35+.

  7. Matt says:

    Thanks for the mention!
    I remember getting my first smartphone a few years ago now, and I have to say, if I was starting out today, I’d be completely bamboozled. It’s a major step up from an “ordinary” mobile. You’re quite right in treating it like a PC or laptop purchase, and in fact, I use it as such a lot of the time.

  8. Mujtaba says:

    Lumia phones are better but they still lack certain things, but they are best smartphones when it comes to battery back up

    • Hi Mujtaba, I do like the 610 apart from the fact that it’s very slow with some apps and wont support others. The battery life is exceptional though and I love the windows phone layout.

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