Top 5 most expensive road traffic accidents in the UK


With insurers set to hike premiums again – by as mush as 10% – using your car isn’t getting any cheaper. Apparently the insurers are making big losses after road traffic accident claims and some of the high price cars reported in accidents must be part of the reason. The most expensive car crash in the world took place in south-west Japan back in December 2011 when 13 sports cars crashed on the Chugoku Expressway but there have also be a few in the UK. Let’s take a look at the top five.

Bugatti Veyron – £830,000

When driving his older brother’s Bugatti Veyron, Away Soni, 39, hit 100mph in a 40mph area on the B375 in 2007. Crashing into a Vauxhall Astra, driven by a seven-month pregnant woman, the car had to be written off before crashing into a bank. His brother had only had the car – one of most expensive and fastest vehicles ever built – for a week and was planning to rent it out for experience drives.

McLaren F1 – £640,000

Former Mr Bean and Blackadder actor, Rowan Atkinson, crashed his vehicle in October 1999 when travelling at 240mph on the A6 at Lancaster. He hit the back of 62 year old Margaret Greenhalgh’s Metro, tearing off the front wing and bonnet of his McLaren and denting the Metro. He later told The Observer that he was lucky to get out of the crash unscathed.

Pagani Zonda S – £528,000

In September 2009, the driver of a Pagani Zonda S did more than £300,000 worth of damage to his car when he crashed in Aberdeen. Smashing through a fence after hitting a telegraph pole, the car had to be sent to Modena for repair and is known for being one of the highest ever payouts by an insurance company in the UK.

Ferrari 599 GTB – £200,000

Footballers are known for flashing their cash and living extravagant lifestyles so seeing Ronaldo driving one of these wasn’t a great shock. But, the then Manchester United star crashed his car in a tunnel in the city back in January 2009. The Portuguese winger had been driving to training when it happened and had to write the car off as a result of the smash.

360 Ferrari Spider – £120,000

Another footballer, another high price write off. Arsenal legend Ian Wright wrapped his convertible round a tree back in August 2007. Blaming the traction control system on the supercar, he was lucky to walk away with only bruises when the incident happened in an estate in Croyden.

Supercars have their perks, and the process of choice and judgment can leave owners reeling after. Damages are much more profound with a luxury car, and the temptation to open it up can leave you footing the bill for an expensive road traffic accident. With few cars able to match the power of these awesome machines and not everybody can match the bill that comes from wiping them out.

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  1. Jose says:

    Ouch, I wonder what their insurance premiums look like now? Some people just shouldnt be allowed to drive fast (or expensive) cars 🙂

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