TopCashBack Review


TopCashBack is described as the UK’s highest paying Cashback site, so it definitely seems worth taking a look at it to see what it is all about.

The site states that it already has a whopping 4 million members and is growing all the time. So how does it work and in what way could it benefit you? Find out in this TopCashBack Review.

The Basics

The way that TopCashBack* works is that they pass on their advertising commission direct to the customers who visit and use the site. Basically, you just need to browse the current offers and retailers listed on their site. You then click through to visit the shopping sites you want to buy something from. If you buy something then the site you bought from pays advertising commission to TopCashBack. They then give most of this commission back to you in the form of Cashback.

Getting Started

It is easy to join up and get started*. It is also completely free to do so. All you have to do is type in a few basic details and you will be up and running. After you do this all you have to do is browse the thousands of retailers that are listed on the site. In fact, their site states that there are currently over 4,200 different retailers listed on it. Click through to the ones you are interested in and you will benefit from a nice Cashback. It is as simple as that, although there are some extra tools and services you might also be interested in.

Plus and Classic Membership

While you can choose to sign up for free, it is also possible to take out a higher level of membership if you want to. This costs £5 per year and gives you higher Cashback rates and larger bonus amounts. The higher level of rewards means that the option of a paid membership could be right for anyone who enjoys doing a lot of shopping on a regular basis.

Get Cashback in Shops Too

You probably think that this is a good way of saving some money while shopping online. However, one of the most interesting aspects of TopCashBack* might come as a surprise to you. This is the fact that you can also get your Cashback in-store at selected retailers too. This works through what the site calls an OnCard Cashback. You basically just have to securely register your debit card or credit card with them and then use it to make your future purchases.

Get Cashback Notifications

A clever tool that can help you to find the best Cashbacks is called the Cashback Notifier. This is an optional extension on your internet browser that lets you see what kind of Cashback you could be getting as you search for items to buy. It should make it a lot easier for you to grab a few bargains and should also ensure that you never accidentally miss a potential Cashback because you forgot to check the TopCashBack site.

Go Mobile

Mobile apps can make life a lot easier for us in so many ways these days. In this case, the TopCashBack app lets you access your account and store vouchers wherever you are. It also includes the Snap & Save service that lets you take photos of your receipts in order to get a bigger Cashback.

Get an Insurance Cashback

The Cashback offers don’t end with your shopping trips. It is also possible to get an insurance Cashback using the TopCashBack Compare service. This allows you to compare quotes from 125 top insurance providers. As well as getting a good deal you will also get a Cashback on the amount you pay as well.

Quick ways to earn some decent Cashback

If you are new to TopCashBack and are wondering how you can earn a quick but significant amount of Cashback, then I would definitely check out the programs which pay Cashback when you switch your gas or electricity to another supplier, such as the Uswitch or SimplySwitch programs on the TopCashBack platform*. Both of these programs pay £25+ in Cashback at the time of writing and it is also likely that you will land yourself on a cheaper energy tariff too, saving you even more money going forward. You can of course use them more than once if you feel the need to switch suppliers again in the future.

If £25 doesn’t sound all that great to you, then why not check out some of the mobile phone, digital television and broadband Cashback offers, as these tend to offer even higher rates of Cashback. And for even bigger Cashback amounts you could consider taking out some sort of Life Insurance product or perhaps opening a savings account through the site, as commissions on these kind of products can often go through the £100+ mark.


We all love getting Cashback and TopCashBack* offers an impressive number of ways of getting it. It certainly seems worth giving it a try and seeing how much you can save while shopping for things you were probably going to buy anyway.

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