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How to Spend Less Money When Travelling the World

There is no denying that travelling the world is an expensive business. Paying for a hotel and food every single day is one sure way to whizz your way through any budget, no matter how big it is.

Are You Still Wanted Down Under?

For a long time Australia was just about the best place in the world for any Brit looking to start a new life and enjoy new horizons.

However, what are the chances of you heading down under and seeking a new life these days?

5 Ways to Get a Cheaper Holiday

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could get away for a cheaper holiday this year? The good news is that there are some really simple ways to do this. The following are some tips to bear in mind when you next look for a cheap break.

Is it worth paying more to get the holiday you want?

Over the years I’ve always looked for ways to save money and this has included saving money on holidays. Whether it has been last minute deals*, travelling out of season or taking advantage of special offers, I have always liked to save money where possible.

Since having kids though – and especially now I have children of school age – it has become more and more difficult to do this. If you decide to go for the last minute option for example then you run the risk of landing yourself in a place where the surrounding attractions on offer just won’t be all that entertaining for the kids. Sure you could make do, but do you want to?

Is it cheaper to drive or fly to Europe?

For a while now Mrs.B and I have been talking about booking a city break via Airbnb* somewhere in Europe. We quite fancy Paris as we’ve never been there before but there are a few other destinations we’d quite like to try out too. With this in mind I started to wonder, what is the most economical way to get to Europe these days?