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Finding the time to write high quality blog posts for your own blog can be tough going and time consuming at times, never mind also writing your own eBook as a side project. I have so much respect for those people who have the determination and the commitment to do this, write and publish their own eBook. It’s something which I have been tempted to do for a while myself and I have to say that seeing the enthusiasm and the success of others who have done this recently has re-ignited my desire to get it done!

With this in mind I’d like to draw your attention to two new eBooks that have recently been released by fellow personal finance bloggers I know. The striking thing about this pair of eBooks is that they are very different from one other, with one being factual and the other fictional. I have never come across a fictional eBook in the personal finance niche before so it seems that James Molet has spotted a real gap in the market. Both eBooks are available for purchase on Kindle* now, so if you like the sound of either of these then please do consider downloading them.

‘Cream City Hustle’ by James Molet

The first of our two eBooks comes from Author James Molet who blogs at Retirement Savvy. This eBook is the personal finance fiction eBook we mentioned earlier and it follows the struggle of a young man who is seeking to secure his financial future by surviving in a society which constantly attempts to drag him down. James has also written factual eBooks on issues surrounding retirement planning but this time he has let his imagination run free to bring us this fictional affair with a few solid financial principles thrown in for good measure.

Please take a moment to read the reviews and download the Kindle Edition of James’ latest eBook ‘Cream City Hustle*.

‘101 Ways to Earn Money from Home’ by Hayley Jayne

Our second eBook comes from a good friend of mine Hayley Jayne who blogs over at A Disease Called Debt. This book does exactly what it says on the tin in giving you 101 ideas of ways in which you can earn money working from home. The content of the book is based upon Hayley’s own experience of working from home and these money making ideas have played a big part in Hayley’s debt repayment process. Hopefully the book can help you to do the same thing or perhaps it will just help you to make a fortune instead. Either one would be good, wouldn’t it?

Why not check out the reviews and download the Kindle Edition of Hayley’s eBook ‘101 Ways to Earn Money from Home*’.

Spread the word

So there we have it, two interesting and exciting new eBooks from fellow personal finance bloggers. It takes a lot of effort to author and produce your own good quality eBook, so please support these bloggers by helping them to spread the word about their new offerings, downloading the book and also leaving an honest review on Amazon if you have a spare moment.

Have you ever thought about writing an eBook?

3 Responses to Two Very Different Personal Finance eBooks

  1. SavvyJames says:

    Thanks for taking the time to acknowledge my new book. I’m hopeful some of your readers will give it a look and appreciate a slightly different way of communicating Personal Finance concepts and practices.

  2. You are so right! I have a hard enough time trying to write for my own blog and the blogs I’ve got writing jobs with, let alone trying to put together a whole book!

  3. I think I should really check this one “101 Ways to Earn Money from Home”. Since I have been working at home for the last 4 years, I really want to learn more on how to earn money from home.

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