UK Personal Finance Reads of the Week


Here we share some of the week’s best UK finance reads from the big news sites and online papers for you to enjoy with your coffee this Sunday afternoon! If you missed any of our own posts this week then you can easily find them on our homepage.

Week Ending 25/02/18


RBS reports first profit in 10 years
AirBnB aims to woo wealthier travellers
Cash Isa savings rates begin to tick up

The Telegraph

Long-term cash savings rates jump almost 10pc in a month
How to invest like… Jean Paul Getty, once the richest man in the world
London’s property market worth twice the combined value of the nine other largest UK cities

The Independent

UK households on unstable income five times more likely to turn to high-cost credit, new research finds
Why rent controls are no silver bullet to solving housing crisis
Students expected to live on £1 a day

The Guardian

One Response to UK Personal Finance Reads of the Week

  1. Love the one on Jean Paul Getty!

    Tbh, I had never heard of him previously so this is quite the gem.


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