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I’ve been blogging away on Money Bulldog for about 18 months now and can you believe I’ve been through 5 different web hosts?! I’m now hosting with Vidahost* but I’ve also hosted with some of the big boys including 1&1 and Hostgator. I won’t mention the other guys I hosted with because to be honest I had no problems with them at all other than that they were a US based hosting company and all their servers were also located in the US. Personally I like Google to know where my blog is based so I felt that a UK based server was a better option. Anyway, here is my quick and honest Vidahost Review with a 10% off discount code if you decide to give them a try. 

Server Speed

Whether this is right or wrong I tend to measure server speed using Google’s webmaster tools chart which tells you the average time it is taking for Google to download a page. When I was with both 1&1 and Hostgator the main thing I noticed about this stat is that it was constantly bouncing around. Some days it would be down at around 900ms on average and other days it would be up at 2 or 3 seconds. I can only assume that this was to do with how much load was being placed on my particular server from other sites but then that is an issue you really need to consider if you are on a shared hosting package like I am, after all Google does value blog speed and uses it in its rankings. Since I’ve been with Vidahost I’ve found that the Google webmaster tools graph has shown my page download time to be fairly static, staying around the 600 – 700 milliseconds mark which I think is pretty good for a shared hosting package. I do use a caching plugin though which I feel has helped this stat a little.


I said this would be an honest review so I will admit that there have been a couple of times when Vidahost have had to reset their servers resulting in a little downtime but it has never been a long period – between 5 and 15 minutes generally – and they have always communicated well when I’ve tried to speak to them about it, which I’ll speak more of in the next heading. I’ve also experienced this kind of downtime with other servers too, so it is not something that is unique to Vidahost.

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Customer Service

The customer service with Vidahost has been impeccable. They have always been available to answer my calls on their Freephone number. They have also always responded quickly – within 10 -20 minutes -when I’ve submitted support tickets online. The support staff are extremely knowledgeable and they are more than willing to offer their technical support and advice when needed.


At about £3.50 a month (After VAT) for up to 6 websites and 6 free websites migrations on their starter package I’d say that’s good value for the service you receive. There are cheaper packages out there but I have no plans to move any of my UK sites away from Vidahost if their service remains as good as it is now. They also have a smaller hosting package if you only have one website.

Vidahost WordPress Hosting

As a blogger the willingness of Vidahost to allow me to run pretty much as many plugins as I like was absolutely paramount in my decision of whether or not to host with them. After running into issues with this on previous hosts it was important that I wasn’t going to breach any kind of php limit on my account resulting in server errors and downtime, especially when running quite heavy plugins like Jetpack. I’ve had no issues with this while hosting with Vidahost. Not once have I called them up with an issue only to be told that I’m running too many plugins. That used to really annoy me with other hosts.

10% off Vidahost Code

So if you are thinking of hosting with Vidahost then I hope you find this Vidahost review helpful. As I’ve said already I have no plans to shift the hosting of my UK sites anywhere else, which is quite a relief because I could really do without the hassle of moving my sites or dealing with other hosting issues anytime soon. I’ve had enough of that for one year.

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