What are the Best Investment Opportunities for You?


You would be forgiven for being uncertain of where and how to invest your money in 2014. The blanket coverage of negative press and scaremongering regarding the economy has naturally meant many potential business investors, or those who want to invest financially, are now too afraid or anxious to put their money in places that could ultimately benefit them.

If this fear sounds familiar to you, then what follows are some of the options available to you to help guide you through the muddy waters of personal investment which could eventually help you to make the right choices with your cash:


Depending on the amount you want to utilise, a popular investment is in property if you fancy trying your hand at being a landlord; buying a smaller second home and renting this out is becoming increasingly common – particularly in the over sixties market. It can also be a great money spinner if you buy in a place where demand is high. The other alternative being investing in improving your current home, selling it at a higher price and buying a smaller property with no mortgage and with surplus money left over.

Your Retirement Plans

This is particularly relevant for the younger investors who may have yet to even consider a pension. Securing your future is just as essential as anything else in your life and it is hugely important that you make the most of the investment plans available to you from your place of work or a separate scheme you can choose personally. This is something you can negotiate and make more contributions to the longer you are involved in the scheme you have invested in.

Stocks and Shares

Another way you can invest is within stocks and shares. This again is rocky terrain for many due in no small part to the supposed unpredictability of the markets; there is a definite degree of confidence in your ability to judge a worthwhile investment but there are also several factors to take into account before investing such as:

  • The potential growth of the company that holds the stocks.
  • If they intend to invest their profit in the company or disburse the money to shareholders.
  • Any further opportunities to purchase more shares.

External Consultants

If you still feel uncertain about what to do then another option that people are turning to is to seek expert advice from investment firms who can help you make the right decisions with your money.

A reliable and established company is somewhere you can get professionals who use their knowledge and expertise, to carry out market research and analysis to suggest and organise opportunities for you to invest in.

It is also worth remembering that this company will want to make sure they keep you as a client and so will do their best to help you return a profit. Further to this, by handing over responsibilities, you will avoid the stresses and worries that can come with the whole investment process.

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