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What is a Dumbphone and Why Would You Want One?


With mobile phones getting ever ‘smarter’ by the day, it may come as a shock to learn that sales of so-called ‘dumb phones’ are now on the rise. So what are dumb phones, where can you get one and why might you want one?

What Are Dumbphones?

If you’re in your mid 30’s like me (I’m still the right side, just!) then you will likely have no difficulty in grasping the concept of a dumb phone. These phones are what we all started off with when pay-as-you-go mobiles phones were first released. Basically, all you can do on a dumb phone is make and receive phone calls, send and receive texts and play a game of snake if you’re lucky. If you want a few extra features like internet access (2G or 3G) and a basic camera then you can buy dumb phones with these features too, but be careful that you don’t go too wild or you might just defeat the object of getting a dumb phone in the first place. Which brings us nicely to our next question…

Why Would You Want a Dumb Phone?

Dumb phone sales are rising because more and more people are looking to kick their smartphone and social media addictions. However, they also don’t want to lose the ability to make phone calls and stay in touch in the process. Even the big mobile makers are realising that people are feeling uncomfortable with the amount of time they’re spending on their devices. Apple, for example, recently added a screen time tool to their iPhone to aid people in their efforts to stay in control and use their device less. For many, though, cutting down is proving tough and they are finding that using a dumb phone may be the only answer.

Orange Nokia 3310 dumbphone

Where Can You Buy Dumbphones?

While there are now a lot of dumbphones on the market, the one that has really caught the eye of consumers – likely due to nostalgia – is the Nokia 3310 remake. Most of us have owned this phone or another member of the Nokia family at some point and let’s face it, the retro look of the phone is still as cool as it was back in the day. But where can you get one at a good price?

Assuming that you want a sim-free version then you can pick one up from a company like Carphone Warehouse* for £44.99 at the time of writing. If that’s over your budget then there are cheaper dumbphones on the market and Amazon have a great selection* starting from around £15 for a phone that is unlocked to any network.

I’ll leave it to you to decide whether dumbphones are a ‘Dumb’ or a ‘Smart’ idea. At least now you know what dumbphones are and why they might be beneficial for you.

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