What to do Immediately After Being Injured at Work


While the basic procedures are likely to have been explained by your employer, it’s easy to forget exactly what it is you’re supposed to do in the event of an injury being caused at work. You might think the chances of such an incident occurring to you are minimal; and not worth thinking about.

But if something does happen you’ll wish you’d had a different attitude. Following the correct procedures can affect the outcome of any possible compensation claim you make. If you don’t know what you need to do, then read on.

Report the Incident to Your Employer

The first thing to do straight after being injured is to report what happened to your boss. Casually mentioning it to your colleague isn’t going to do any good; you have to make an official statement to the company so they’re aware of what happened. Whether that’s your direct superior, office manager or the person responsible for health and safety.

If they don’t mention it themselves, ask them to explain the reporting procedures. You’ll want to file an accident report, and the company will probably have an accident book to keep track of things like this. Make sure you explain exactly what happened in as much detail as possible.

Go to the Doctor

If the injury wasn’t serious enough to require instant medical attention – i.e. an ambulance – then make sure you get yourself to the doctor as soon as you can. Tell them what happened and describe the pain you’re feeling, you can also ask them to prescribe you a note to give to your employer.

If you decide to not seek medical attention then this will have a negative effect on any compensation claim you may decide to make, because if your injuries were not severe enough to need medical attention they won’t be considered severe enough to need compensating for. It’s also immediately suspicious if an accident victim refused to seek a professional opinion on his problems.

Find Out Information on Sick Pay

If your injuries cause you to miss work then chances are high that you’ll be eligible for some sick pay. This may be defined by a general policy your employer has set up, or they could make an offer to you based on the specific circumstances of your case. If they feel they’re at fault for what happened, and know you may make a claim in court against them, then they could even offer you sick pay that surpasses the value of your regular salary.

See if You’re Eligible to Make a Claim

Depending on the details of the incident, and where the liability lies, you could be eligible for some compensation. If you feel your company was responsible for the injury, then you have a chance of being awarded money to cover the costs of your losses including medical bills and time off work.

3 Responses to What to do Immediately After Being Injured at Work

  1. I would add that if you have an accident at work make sure you submit a claim Industrial Injury Disablement Benefit from the government. Also if submitting a persnal injury claim, keep receipts for all expenses, even paracetemol.

  2. When my uncle got injured while he was working, his co-workers immediately told their manager. He went to his doctor and advised him to file a sick leave for 2 weeks.

  3. Michelle says:

    I had a friend who was injured at work and she never filed a complaint, but she did let them know. She has had long term problems, and luckily the employer pays for those doctor visits.

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