What’s Stopping You from Going Back to ‘Pay as you go’?


Have you ever thought about getting rid of your expensive mobile phone contract and returning to a ‘Pay as you go’ mobile phone? For many people this one simple change could help them in their quest to cut their outgoings, yet they are still hesitant to do it. Why? Let’s have a quick look at a few of the reasons why some people might be reluctant to switch back to a Pay as you go phone and examine whether they are still genuine concerns.

The Cost of the Phone

One big thing that puts a lot of people off getting a Pay as you go phone is that you will have to pay for the phone in the first place. While this is a genuine drawback, I think we all know that over the life of a contract, you will more than pay for the cost of any phone you might get for ‘free’ when you choose a contract phone over a Pay as you go phone. Another thing to consider is that these days – with the cost of always chasing the latest phone – a lot of people end up paying out some money towards their phone when they take out a contract anyway, especially if they are trying to keep their monthly contract cost down to as little as possible. So rather than just making the assumption that a Pay as you go phone won’t be worth it for you, why not revisit the maths before committing to an expensive long-term contract deal. It would also be worth thinking about whether you really need to have the latest phone all the time, or could you instead survive with a more basic model?

The Hassle of Topping Up

I think that most people who have had a Pay as you go phone in the past will have at least one bad memory of running out of credit just when you desperately needed it, only to have to traipse off to your local shop or garage at a less than convenient time to top up your mobile. Fortunately, these days, this is less of a concern as there are websites around like Mobiletopup.co.uk which allow you to top up your mobile phone quickly and easily online, meaning you shouldn’t have to worry about getting caught without credit anymore.

The Cost of the Tariff

Another big drawback for Pay as you go mobiles in recent years has been the cost of the tariffs, and therefore how much you pay for your minutes, texts and data. As competition has increased in recent years, however, and consumers have become much more value savvy, tariff costs on Pay as you go mobiles have become more competitive, and may well be worth taking another look at to see if some of the tariffs on offer could work well for you. Some mobile phone companies also offer bundles that you can buy upfront, to bring the cost of calls down even further.

Of course, we understand that circumstances differ for everyone, and while a Pay as you go phone might be a great option for one person, it might not be right for another. The point of this post is really just to say ‘don’t let your past experiences of being on Pay as you go put you off the idea completely’. A lot has changed in the mobile world in recent years and you may just find that going for a Pay as you go phone over a contract phone might not be as crazy an idea as it once seemed.

So if you think that the option might be right for you, be sure to do your research to find the best value phone and tariff available for your circumstances. If it doesn’t work out, then you can always go for a contract phone again later down the line and sell your Pay as you go phone online, or keep it as a backup phone in case your new phone gets lost, damaged or stolen.

Have you ever thought about returning to a ‘Pay as you go’ mobile?

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  1. Nessie says:

    Went to Norwich yesterday to car phone warehouse to see if I could get a pay as you go phone for 70 year old Dad with no internet necessary. Salesman said pay as you go is stopping and he would have to top up £10 every month regardless. He glibly said’ yeh, use it or lose it’. Walked out unhappy. Has anyone else had this? Is this true because I’ve not heard about it.

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