Which is the cheapest microchipping pet database company?

Which Is the Cheapest Pet Microchipping Database Company?


Owning a pet can be one of the most rewarding experiences for a family. The problem is that it can also be one of the most expensive. 

Not only do you have to buy the animal itself, but you also need to think about toys, beds, pet insurance, vaccinations and the list goes on. 

Another cost is that of microchipping your pet. But is there a way to save money when registering your dog, cat or other pet’s microchip?

Cost of Registering a Pet Microchip

We recently bought a new dog and she came with a microchip already implanted. (She’s a lovely dog, by the way) The puppy pack included a little card with the microchip number and a link to the site where you can register your pet’s details. In our case the card was from a company called SmartTrace. 

Anyway, my wife started going through the process of registering our new pet dog. At the end of the process, we realised that SmartTrace wanted to charge us a fee of £19.99 to complete the process. Apparently, this one-off fee would also cover any future updates to the details of our new dog. This could be a change of address and the like. 

While £19.99 isn’t a huge amount, it did still sound a little steep. To be honest, I was expecting the registration to be free. I thought that you only had to pay to have a microchip implanted. 

So being the bargain hunter I am, I decided to check if there was a cheaper option available. 

Is There a Cheaper Microchipping Company?

The first thing I wanted to know is whether I was obliged to use SmartTrace to register my dog’s microchip? Or, could I pick another – cheaper – company? Were there any alternatives to SmartTrace?

My search led me to this page on the gov.uk website. This page outlined the legal requirement to microchip a dog and keep your details updated via a government (DEFRA) compliant pet database. This page listed quite a few different companies you could use to fulfill this requirement. Here’s the list of databases that meet the government requirements at the time of writing:

  • Animal Microchips
  • Animal Tracker
  • Chipworks
  • Identibase
  • MicroChip Central
  • MicroDogID
  • National Veterinary Data Service
  • Pet Identity UK
  • Petlog
  • PetScanner
  • ProtectedPet
  • SmartTrace
  • UK PETtrac

I spent a little time working through this list of companies to try and find the cheapest one. It wasn’t all about the money, though, as you also want to know that the company is going to be around in the years to come. 

One thing I did notice while looking through each of the websites on the list is that most seemed to make it quite difficult to find out how much they charge. I don’t want to go as far as to say that this is deliberate, but it certainly wasn’t helpful.   

So, which of these microchipping database companies is going to offer you the best deal?


After looking through the list and checking out their websites I came across PetScanner. 

PetScanner actually make and sell pet microchip scanners* but as a part of their service you can also register your pet with them on the DEFRA database. To do this there is a one-off fee of £2.99. They also don’t charge any extra fees in the future, should you need to update your address or other details. 

It was also pretty easy to find the price of this service on the PetScanner website, which was encouraging. They state that they are the lowest cost DEFRA compliant pet database in the UK. 

The only thing you need to know is that – unless you cancel it – the £2.99 fee will recur every 3 months. Don’t worry, though. If you cancel this via your PayPal account then your pet’s details will still remain on the database and you can still update your pet’s microchip details for free at a later date. 

Why Pay More?

So, although £19.99 isn’t a huge amount to pay to register your dog or cat on a government approved microchipping database, it’s still more than you really need to pay. We hope that this post will help to save you a few pounds that you can spend on treats for you beloved pet instead. 

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