Which UK Products and Services Offer Best Value and Which Are the Worst?


I guess there are some things which you grudge paying out for and others which you don’t mind so much.

A lot of this comes down to personal preference but it can also be due to whether something is good value or not. So what are the best and worst value products you spend on? Let’s check out a few of the main products and services in the UK.

Petrol – Pretty Bad

Petrol prices in the UK are crazy, aren’t they? Strangely enough, people I have met from other countries complain bitterly about their own fuel prices as well. I was amazed to meet some people from the US lately and hear them say how expensive it is to drive there. I had always believed that they paid very little for their fuel but it seems not. On the other hand, I pay next to nothing for re-fuelling since moving out here to South America. My 4×4 got converted to natural gas and the tank can get filled for about £2. This lasts me about 100 miles, so I ain’t complaining. The petrol is also heavily subsidised here, so for longer trips which the gas tank won’t cover I still don’t pay that much.

Beer – Awful

I did some research for another post recently and discovered that beer has increased massively in price in the UK in the last few decades. In fact, beer and petrol are two of the products which have increased most in recent years.  Is it still good value? I guess it depends how much you like drinking it. I can’t stand the stuff and would find it very hard to imagine paying out 3 quid for a pint with a smile on my face.

Supermarket Own Products – Very Good

Financially speaking, one of the things I miss about the UK is the value offered by supermarkets. In the city I now live in there isn’t even a supermarket worth the name, never mind a supermarket own brand range of goods. I used to enjoy trying some of these products to see if I could save extra money each shopping trip. When you think about it, the price for some of these items is astonishingly low. I discovered a newspaper article about the UK’s worst products of this type but I am sure there are also some great bargains for about the same price as these stinkers.

University Studying – Not Sure

I can’t make up my mind if that is one of the best value things around or one of the worst value ideas. Sure, studying at university is a way of increasing your earning potential for the rest of your life. However, apart from the years you study in which you don’t work you also end up with a giant debt. Recent news stories talk about students starting their working life with £40,000 or £50,000 worth of debt on their backs. This is a truly horrendous amount to owe before you even start your career and it is something I find hard to justify in terms of value.

Public Transport – Not Sure

I had always thought that the public transport in the UK was pretty decent value. I used to take the train to work every day. While it was quite expensive I reckoned it was decent value. However, I just read a report from last year which says that the UK’s trains are the worst value in all of Europe. Maybe someone who still uses the services there could tell me whether it is as bad as it is made out to be now.

What else is really good or really bad value?

12 Responses to Which UK Products and Services Offer Best Value and Which Are the Worst?

  1. FI Pilgrim says:

    I’m not a beer drinker either, so it baffles me how anyone can spend so much on the stuff. I have a hard time buying 3 or 4 bottles of wine a year!

  2. It’s good to know that there supermarket own products are pretty low. Usually when we go to the different places supermarket is just one very important to look at.

    • Robert Bell says:

      I love shopping in supermarkets when I travel Clarisse. They are usually the best value places to shop just about anywhere

  3. moneystepper says:

    I think further education (despite the recent price hikes) is still fairly reasonably priced compared to some other countries (namely the US).

    • Robert Bell says:

      I haven’t looked into the comparisons MS but I don’t remember ever reading about US students being saddled with such big debts as in the UK. Do the parents tend to pay more of the fees there? I know that’s the approach in some parts of the world

  4. Gas/petrol is not as expensive in the US as it is in the UK. But it sounds like it is much cheaper in South America!!

  5. Liquid says:

    I’ve heard about the high petro prices in the UK. That’s probably why not as many people drive personal cars there relative to the US. Of course it would be nice to own a car in a country with a net export of oil like Saudi Arabia where gasoline is less than 25 cents per liter lol, but not sure if I want to live there. I’ve also heard computer games are more expensive in the UK than in North America.

    • Robert Bell says:

      It is definitely a factor to consider before taking on a long journey. I used to spend a hundred quid a week on petrol in the UK when I worked in sales.

  6. Whenever I get the chance to phone home, all I get is how the price of petrol is ridiculous. I’m glad to say in Canada that we are paying around the $1.24 a litre mark which is approximately 73.5p a litre. I don’t really drink beer but it isn’t exactly what you’d call cheap over here either, mainly due to the fact that it’s government regulated. Booze is definitely cheaper in the US. Either way, what your telling me is when I come back to the UK for a visit I should be bringing lots of money with me.

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