Which Utility Bills Are the Most Difficult to Pay? – Infographic


For a vast number of people in the UK, just finding the money to pay the most basic of household bills each month can be a real struggle. By the time you’ve paid your mortgage or rent payment, fed your family for the month and taken care of putting clothes on their backs too, often the last thing you want to do is watch the money for your council tax, electricity, gas and water go out of your current account too!

While every bill might be a struggle, it’s also true to say that some bills hit harder and hurt more than others. Council tax is a big one where people might struggle and in recent times councils seem to be getting more and more aggressive in their approach to going after those who are struggling to pay their council tax bill on time. Then we have gas and electricity bills. It’s estimated that almost half a million people have been forced to switch over to more expensive pre-payment meters over the past six years (figures from 2015) due to non-payment of gas or electricity bills. Of course, this just make things even more painful for these families as they try to find the extra cash to fund these more expensive meters. Not only this, but they also run the risk of getting stuck with no gas or electricity at all if they either can’t afford to top up, or perhaps find it hard to get to the nearest top up location before their meter runs out.

I recently came across an infographic produced by alternative current account provider iCount which really does highlight the extent of the problem. I thought I’d share it with you today as it also contains some helpful tips about what you can do if you find yourself struggling to pay the most basic of bills which as we’ve seen, isn’t all that uncommon at all.

I hope you like the infographic and please feel free to leave a comment below if you have some tips to share yourself.

iCount - Which utility bills do Brits find the most difficult to pay infographic

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  1. It’s crazy that one in ten people have over 6 months arrears owed on their water bills. The council tax statistic doesn’t surprise me so much, in my experience of the debt management industry it was the one that scared people the most. The moment you start paying for your bills using credit, it’s the start of a very slippery slope!

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