Who is worth more, the Beckham’s or the Oliver’s?


So The Sunday Times rich list was released yesterday and among many other interesting new additions to the list the estimated wealth of 2 celebrity couples really caught my eye and that is the fortunes of The Beckham’s and The Oliver’s. In my mind – with their huge worldwide celebrity status – I would have expected the Beckham’s to be far and away the richer of these two couples but shockingly this is not reported to be the case as Jools and Jamie Oliver were judged to be worth around £240 million, whereas the David and Victoria Beckham were only worth £210 million – I know, only right!

The Beckham’s

David and Victoria Beckham are probably one of the most well-known couples in the world. David has earned a fortune from football and related endorsements as well as fashion lines and the like, and Victoria is also pretty wealthy in her own right with all the money she’s made from music royalties over the years and she too is prominent in the world of fashion with her own successful fashion label. Still I suppose we have to remember that David’s football career has now come to an end and this will inevitably have some impact on his short term revenue, I say short term because who knows what business ventures he will embark on in the years to come now that he has more time to focus on other things.

The Oliver’s

I suppose what the Oliver’s success shows is that if you want to be REALLY rich then the way to do it is to start and run your own successful business. Yes footballers earn a ton of money when you consider what they actually do but when you think that Jools and Jamie Oliver’s income has managed to eclipse that of one of the most famous footballers of our time, it really shows the power of running your own businesses. So what businesses do the Oliver’s Run?

Well Jamie has his Restaurants, his television appearances, his ‘Jamie at Home’ home party range – Kind of like the body shop party setup – and his wife Jools works along with Mothercare to sell her ‘Little Birds’ Children’s clothing brand which exceeded Mothercare’s initial demand expectations and is a favourite of many mums in the UK and I would expect beyond.

Other entrepreneurs on the list

And of course there are many more entrepreneurs on this year’s list including everybody’s favourite enemy Simon Cowell, Alex Chesterton co-founder of the online movie rental business Love Film and also founder of property website Zoopla, and Peter Cashmore whose last name seems pretty apt considering Mashable – the social media website he founded from a room in his parent’s house – is now said to be worth a not too shabby £120 million.

Will you be on the list in a few years?

On the surface it may seem a little absurd to assume that you might make it onto this list in just a few years, but is it? While I’m sure that the ambition and self-belief of people like Alex Chesterton and Peter Cashmore will have given them faith that their businesses could be big, I’d be surprised if either of them really expected that they would have landed themselves on the Rich List within just a few years, it just goes to show that anything is possible and it can be done. So do you have a great idea and more importantly are you brave enough to take it on? What is it they say, he who dares wins?

5 Responses to Who is worth more, the Beckham’s or the Oliver’s?

  1. You left something out when you considered the relative wealth of the Beckham’s.. You can’t just consider what they have earned over the years, you have to take into account what they have spent. Has their lifestyle been extraordinarily lavish? Have they made bad investments or run failing businesses? None of this is the type of information likely to have been released by their PR people.

  2. “…anything is possible and it can be done.” Agreed…When circumstances and skills collide at just the right moment anything can happen.

  3. I really adore David Beckham because he is such a kind person. He visited our country, especially those who are much affected by the typhoon Yolanda.

  4. Good post, Adam. I’d try my best to be on the list next year (or at least by October 2018). More importantly, you got it absolutely right: the way to serious wealth is to start and develop a successful business. The Beckhams still mostly sell labour and reputation(they work for their money).

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