Why It’s Important to Get Genuine Canon Ink Cartridges


When you’re running a business, although a lot of communication is now done online – by email and on social media – there’s still a lot to be said for printed media. If you are producing any printed material to promote your enterprise, you need to get the right crispness, intensity, colour density and separation for your printouts; so rather than risking quality by buying cheap, reconditioned or fake ink cartridges, you should simply buy genuine ones.

It’s not just about the final product

If you use fake “Canon” ink cartridges in your Canon printer, cheap, smudgy or patchy printouts may be the least of your concerns. Using the wrong cartridge can cause mechanical problems that can permanently damage your machine and mean you have to replace it.

Very often, ill-fitting cartridges leak ink into the inner workings of the printer and these leakages, although they’re tiny individually, build up and dry, causing jams and other problems that will stop the printer working until it’s repaired – if it can be repaired, that is.

Even before the damage is caused, you may be plagued by error messages or be told there’s no cartridge in place when you know you just fitted one!

Watch the date!

Occasionally, you may be able to get hold of genuine Canon cartridges for a bargain price, but the first thing you should do is to look at the expiry date – it may be looming! Canon inks are made from complex mixtures of pigments and various reagents that do have a definite shelf life.

Once the expiry date is passed, or soon after, the compounds start to change and even to degrade, which can start to affect the insides of the printer. It’s important to only buy as much ink as you know you’ll use in, say, six months. It’s tempting to buy huge amounts to get the discount, but you may end up just throwing half of your order away once the remaining unopened cartridges become too risky to use.

It’s fairly easy to work out how long each cartridge will last as each one is designed to print a certain number of characters or pages and so if you know how many pages you print every day, week and month, you can estimate how often you’ll have to change the cartridge.

Find the right seller

Buying in ink supplies can seem a bit complicated and daunting because there are so many retailers and suppliers, some in-store and some you order online from. If you can find a seller that’s able to deliver directly to you, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time and effort.

Other important features to look out for when you’re buying ink cartridge supplies include the distance of the retailer from your business. Some sellers charge more for nationwide delivery, although some have a standard charge. There’s also after-sales care to think about – what happens if the cartridges are damaged and leak? Or if they’re the wrong type – can you return them free of charge and get them replaced by the right sort?

Look at reviews of retailers before settling on one so you know you’re dealing with a reliable, honourable seller.

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  1. Aaron says:

    Interesting article! I actually thought this too awhile back – but have sinced changed my view on it. I’ve been buying ink from Costco and its a lot cheaper than brand name. Suppose you are talking more directly about Canon here -but my HP printer has had no issues with off-brand.

    I’ve heard these manufacturers want you to believe that customers have to buy brand name or there printer won’t work. But in many cases, this is not true (but marketing).

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