Why Your Child Benefit Payment Hasn’t Gone in Your Bank Today


If you’ve been waiting for your child benefit payment to drop into your bank this Saturday morning, then you may get a bit of a shock when you check your bank balance, only to find that it has not been paid in as it usually is.

Before you start to panic too much, you should know that the reason HMRC are giving for this is that new UK banking regulations mean that child benefit payments which are due on a Monday can no longer be released early, so early Saturday payments are a thing of the past I’m afraid.

For those of you who were relying on your child benefit payment dropping in your bank this morning, I understand that this might be a bit of a blow and you may feel as though the change should have been better publicised by HMRC and you should have been made aware. At least you can rest a little easier, though, knowing that your payment should go in as normal on Monday morning.

If you still have further questions about your child benefit payment then you can find up to date contact information for HMRC on this page.

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