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Win £5000 with Zurich’s #shareyourgoal Competition!


Have you ever heard the saying “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”? I’m sure you have. This basic principle highlights the importance of setting specific plans or goals in life. Without a plan or goal, many people would simply drift through life, letting life control them rather than them controlling it!

With this in mind, the well-known financial firm Zurich have just launched a new social media competition known as #shareyourgoal and it is rewarding four winners with £5,000 to put towards their life goal, a bespoke life-goal experience and a financial assessment. The underlying message of the campaign is that it is not just the setting of goals or the preparing of plans that will guarantee success, but also the sharing of those goals and plans with those who are closest to us, such as our partner, family and close friends.

The idea is that when we share our goals with others we automatically give them more weight, take them more seriously and as a result, we will be much more likely to achieve them. Could this really work? Let’s consider an example.

Let’s say that you set a personal goal to pass your driving test within a year, but you never tell anyone about it. The months pass by and although you really want to achieve this goal, at the end of the day your lack of motivation wins out and you fail to achieve it. What, though, if you had shared your goal with friends and family or on social media? Would the constant stream of people asking you if you have passed your test yet make you more likely to achieve it? Surely it would!

What about our financial goals? Could we set a goal to be able to retire by the age of 50, for example? Have enough money to travel during retirement? Or, perhaps we could set the goal of being able to pay for a house deposit or first car for our children or even our grandchildren? If we also share these goals with the people closest to us then – like the driving test example we mentioned earlier – it should give us that extra motivation and positive peer pressure to actually achieve them!

Recent research conducted by Zurich found that those who set goals for when they are aged 65 or over save 7.25% of their salary into their pension, compared to just 5.36% for those who didn’t set the same kind of goals. That’s a big difference when you consider how these savings could build up and compound over a period of around half a century!

So, if you want to enter the Zurich competition to kickstart your savings by £5000 then don’t forget, the specifics of the competition are as follows:

  • Zurich’s #shareyourgoal social media competition will reward four winners with £5,000 to put towards their life goal, a bespoke life-goal experience and a financial assessment.
  • To enter you must share a description, photo, or video of your life goal. Remember to use the hashtag #shareyourgoal as part of your post or tweet @ZurichFutureYou, or your comment on the Zurich Facebook page.
  • All competition winners will be announced by April 17th. Full competition terms and conditions are available on the Zurich website.

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