With Online Shopping Coming, 2016 Is a Big Year for Aldi


As you will likely know from previous posts on our blog, my wife and I just love getting a discount! Because of this, we try to shop at discount food stores like Aldi or Lidl as much as we can. Fortunately, we also live quite close to both of these stores. If this weren’t the case however, then I can imagine that the fact that neither of these stores yet offer an online shopping option might be a bit of a put off for us. Well, my wife got talking to one of the checkout assistants at Aldi today and she was told that in 2016 this is all about to change, as Aldi ventures into the world of online shopping for the first time!

If you have been wanting to save money by shopping at the discount supermarkets but convenience has been an issue, then this may come as quite exciting news for you. Don’t get too excited just yet, though. As far as I’m aware, Aldi aren’t planning to offer all of their food and grocery items for sale online. At least not for the time being, anyway. For now, they are going to be concentrating on selling non-food items like their ‘Specialbuys’ online, and also their famous and award-winning discount wine collection. Aldi will only be selling their wines by the case to start off with, so it may be worth you trying them out at a friends house first, just to make sure you like them before investing in a full case of wine.

Aldi Wine

Image: Marshall24 under CC BY 2.0

Aldi’s reasoning for starting off their online shopping experiment with wine is that most new customers are introduced to Aldi for the first time because they have heard of these award-winning cheaper wines, and so it makes sense for Aldi to try and offer these to a wider audience. This is especially true as they have a long shelf life and therefore Aldi shouldn’t have to invest too heavily to make this work. The same would go for their non-food ‘Specialbuy’ items.

A move into offering online shopping for food at Aldi would be a much more expensive venture. Even so, Aldi hasn’t ruled out moving into the online food shopping sector completely, with CEO Matthew Barnes saying that even though it isn’t on the cards just yet – due to the investment and logistics that would be involved – he would “never say never” to the prospect. The retailer has also stated that it has no plans to move into the vastly growing and hotly contested convenience store sector.

Still, this venture into online shopping is a big deal for Aldi and I’m sure that it will excite a lot of people who have been looking to try out the discounter’s products, especially their highly praised wines. And who knows, if the experiment is a big success for Aldi, we may well see Aldi online shopping branch into the food sector sooner rather than later.

Will you be online shopping at Aldi in 2016? Or, does it disappoint you that online grocery shopping won’t be part of the offering?

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