Worldwide Gadget Insurance – Who offers the best deal?


Going on holiday is supposed to be a relaxing time but we all know that there are many things that can go wrong and ruin the fun. This is why we spend a lot of time beforehand researching travel insurance, getting the best exchange rates and working out how best to keep our money safe while abroad.

What about our gadgets though? I’m sure we have all known somebody who has lost a camera or phone on holiday? For me I remember my Dad losing his camera after forgetting to take it out of his pocket on a roller coaster ride not far from Barcelona, it wasn’t his greatest moment.

With the loss or damage of gadgets while on holiday a genuine concern for holiday makers then, many people ask ‘where can I get worldwide gadget insurance’? Does it come as standard with all gadget insurance policies, or do you have to pay extra for it? Hopefully the following information will show you which gadget insurers offer worldwide gadget insurance and on what terms, enabling you to choose the best gadget insurer for your needs.

Protect Your Bubble

Protect Your Bubble* are probably the most well-known of the UK gadget insurers and they do offer worldwide gadget cover as standard with all policies purchased with them. There used to be a limit of 180 days worldwide cover on policies from Protect Your Bubble but this is no longer the case, and you are now covered 365 days a year as standard. It’s worth noting that replacements and repaired items can only be sent to UK addresses, though.

Gadget Buddy – Cover for 90 days in any 12 month period

Gadget Buddy* are another UK gadget insurer who now offer worldwide cover as standard, but this time you are only covered for 90 days of the year. So, if you’re planning a round the world trip and you’re going to be bringing your gadgets along for the ride (which let’s face it most of us would) then this might not be the right policy for you.

Gadget Cover – 180 days of the year

Gadget Cover* are the longest established UK gadget insurer and they also include worldwide cover as standard with their policies, though as with the other insurers you are not covered abroad for 365 days of the year. Gadget Cover will insure your gadgets worldwide for 180 days of the year.

Choosing the best deal

We can see then that there are quite big differences between the worldwide cover that is on offer from these 3 different insurers, so it is good to know which insurer will most adequately fit your needs as well as your budget. Hopefully this post will have helped you to make the best choice for your circumstances.

While we endeavour to keep this blog updated to the best of our ability we should say that any of the information outlined above can change at any time so be sure to check the terms and conditions of your gadget insurance policy to ensure that you are adequately covered for your trip.

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  1. Considering the amount of money spent on some gadgets, insurance is something that should be considered.

  2. Amos says:

    Its one of very bad moments when you lose a gadget that you really intended to make use of. Thanks for sharing the best deals of insurance offers.

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