Would You Buy Your Kid a Second Hand Toy as a Present?

Would You Buy Your Kid a Second Hand Toy as a Present?


With interest rates finally on the rise, UK household debt levels rising and a general squeeze on consumers continuing to bite, something tells me this year might be a difficult one for parents looking to buy presents for their children.

This got me to thinking, I wonder how people in general feel about the idea of buying second hand toys for their kids as presents from a site like eBay*? Would you be happy to wrap up a second hand toy for your kid as a present as if it were brand new, or are you of the view that only brand new will do when it comes to your kids? Will you be buying your kids second hand presents this year and if you will be, will it be out of choice because you don’t see the need to pay any more than is necessary, or is it simply because needs must?

If you want to share your opinion, thoughts or even experiences on the above questions – to help out anyone who may be thinking about buying a second hand present for their own kid – then please do feel free to leave a comment below.

Before you do rush off and buy a second hand present for your kid this year, here are a few points you might want to consider before you do. After reading them, you might decide that it’s going to be worth paying that little bit extra to buy it on a site like Amazon* instead. On the other hand, you might decide that paying full price really isn’t worth it and that second hand will do just fine.

What if you want to return it?

The biggest worry for any parent when they buy a present for their kid – unless they’ve been coached by their kid on what to buy – is whether they are going to like it or not. Do remember that if you buy a used toy on eBay then it’s quite likely that you won’t be able to return it if your child decides that they don’t like what you’ve bought them.

What about warranty?

Another point to remember is that you probably won’t have any kind of warranty or comeback if the toy were to break when your kid starts to play with it if you’ve bought it second hand.

Is it really that cheap?

One thing I’ve noticed about eBay is that quite often, things don’t get sold all that cheaply at all. Sometimes you might only save a few pounds buying an item second hand and when you consider the benefits of buying new like the warranty and ability to return mentioned above, you might decide it’s not really worth it for what you’ll save.

What about hygiene?

Then we have the issue of hygiene. Sure we’ve all had toys handed down to us from family members, haven’t we? At least on those occasions we have some idea about where they are coming from, though. Often times, sellers on eBay don’t really list whether an item is coming from a smoke or pet free home, for example. Be sure to ask for more details before you buy if you’re at all unsure.

What about the packaging?

I think for most of us growing up, half of the fun of getting a present was opening up the packaging and setting it all up. If you are going to buy second hand, perhaps it might be worth paying a little bit more to buy a toy with its original packaging still intact.

Here we’ve listed just a few potential points to consider before you buy a second hand toy on eBay* as a present for your kid. We’re not at all saying that there’s anything wrong with buying second hand, just that there are legitimate things to think about before you do. Remember, these days retailers are competing hard for your business and if you make the most of online deals and events on sites like Amazon* and others, then you may just find that you can buy an item brand new for less than you can second hand if you buy at the right time.

What do you think about buying second hand toys for kids as presents?

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