Would you Prefer City or Country Living?


We’ve all heard of the phrase ‘The grass is always greener’, haven’t we? Well I suppose when it comes to the thought of countryside living it probably is, at least it is if we are talking in literal terms. I currently live in a smallish town on the edge of the countryside. I like to think it gives me everything I could want, a happy medium where I still have easy access to shops and schools, while at the same time being close enough to the hills to enjoy the lovely surroundings of the open countryside.

At times though, I do still get tempted to move even further out into the countryside, perhaps to a nice little village somewhere. I used to do a lot of work in these nice little countryside villages and the peace and serenity the residents enjoyed always really appealed to me. There was also a real community feel to them with a true focus on community, local produce and the support of local business. I really like that kind of thing.

As much as the idea appeals, however, I can’t help but wonder if I would get a little bored with the lack of bustle in such a quiet village. Maybe it would just take some time to get used to it but I have to admit that I quite enjoy the bustle of living in a place that is just that little bit busier and bigger.

For some people, the idea of living in the countryside could be their worst nightmare, with life in the city being their dream. In some ways I can see the attraction, especially when you visit cities like London for a weekend break. There always seems to be something exciting going on and there are many events that I’d like to experience if I were to live in a place like London. My wife and I spent a few days in London recently and as much as it was a great trip, I have to admit that I did find myself craving the peace and quiet of home again. When I was younger, I never thought I’d hear myself saying those words but I think living close to the countryside, as we have for many years now, really does change you as a person. Perhaps if I ever do make the move even further out into the open country, it will change me even more, and I’d then find my current surroundings ‘too loud’. 🙂

I realise that this post has gone off on a little bit of a tangent, having no real point to it, a true blog post you might say. 😉 I just thought it can be nice sometimes to think about the future and of where you might see yourself in a few years’ time. So, what would be your dream? Would it be life in a bustling city? Or, would you prefer to be surrounded by sheep, cows and rolling hills?

For me, I think that ‘true’ countryside living will remain a dream for the time being, probably until the kids are older and have flown the nest. I’d like to think I’ll get there eventually, though, hopefully at a time when I can truly enjoy the peaceful surroundings on offer and not long for a little more bustle.

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  1. Hi Adam!! Long time no see. 🙂 We moved to the country from the city two years ago and are absolutely loving it. We can go to the city whenever we want to experience the busy life, and then we get to come home to peace, quiet and serenity. It’s not for everyone, though. My sis-in-law for one would love to have a nice condo right in the heart of downtown.

    • Adam Buller says:

      Hey Laurie, nice to hear from you! Yeah I don’t think I could go back to big town living now, it’s just whether I could make the leap to full on farmer that I’m unsure about. Glad you’re loving it! It’s funny how we all work so differently, isn’t it?

  2. I’ve done both and I like both and at times I dislike both. Sometimes the city is vibrant and happening and its fun to be around the crowds. Sometimes I wish it was more quiet. I have the opposite feelings in the suburbs as well. At times I enjoy the family atmosphere and at times it’s a little too slow. I just try to enjoy life no matter where I am and usually find it’s my attitude that will determine that.

  3. I prefer country living 100%. I work in the city and that’s enough for me.

  4. I would prefer to live in a country, actually we are currently living in a country. I used to grew up in a city, but when my parents decided to moved in a country, I was very frustrated that time, thinking to live in a quiet place with lots of trees was totally boring! But now, I couldn’t imagine myself living in a city! 🙂

    • Adam Buller says:

      Hi Clarisse, yeah I can imagine it might seem a little boring when you’re young. It’s funny how so many young people make it their life dream to get out of these small towns and live a little, only to then dream about heading back there when they’re a bit older.

  5. Pauline says:

    I love both, but you have to take advantage of where you are. If you are in the city but never go out to museums, parks, concerts, all it has to offer, there is no point having the extra commute and high property prices. Same for the country, if you live there but drive 30 minutes each Friday so you can go to a town pub, not good. atm I enjoy country living with city breaks 2-3 times a year.

  6. Kathy says:

    I am a long time country dweller who moved into the city 5 years ago. Where I was and where I am is exactly right for me for that stage of my life. When I was in the country, it was a lot more work, but I was younger and could handle it. It was also a lot more peaceful and rewarding to see what we created out of a empty piece of land. The drawback was that anytime we needed something, we had to go miles into town, so all of our trips were carefully planned to avoid wasting gas and time by having to return for a forgotten item. Now that we are in town, we are minutes from grocery stores or pharmacies so in literally 5 minutes we can be wherever we need to go. When in the country, we couldn’t really afford to eat out so being near restaurants was not important. Now we can eat out a little and enjoy being close to a restaurant we like. But in the city there is always noise. So both places have advantages and disadvantages. We enjoy both.

    • Adam Buller says:

      Glad you’re in a position that suits your circumstances Kathy. My wife and I feel the same way as you really. We’d love to live in the country but we do need (or want) the easy access to schools and shops and where we currently live provides that. Everything we need is no further than a 5-10 minute walk away but if you walk for 15 minutes then you are right out in the countryside.

  7. Aldo@MDN says:

    I can find plenty of reasons to want to live in both. I live about 20 minutes outside of NYC, but not really in the country. And even though there’s nothing like the tranquility that the country brings, there’s also a lot more driving involved to get anything done. You can find everything you need withing a few city blocks and there’s just so much to do and see, but it is also louder and dirtier. I guess there are good things and bad things about both.

    • Adam Buller says:

      Yeah you’re probably right Aldo. I have heard people say that they underestimated the extra driving when they first moved into the country but that it didn’t bother them too much after a while. I suppose for every person that says that though, another will have a different opinion. You’d just have to make sure you had a good supply of the things you needed if possible I guess.

  8. I would choose country any day. Big cities are not for me. While I like to visit and make the most of them, I don’t like to go often. Currently I’m in the suburbs which I don’t mind. Close to family which is one thing that living in the country would be a detriment for. Also here, winters are very harsh so country living, though beautiful can be difficult for driving etc. If I lived in the country, though, I would want to live on a lake. If I couldn’t live in the country then I would like to live in a high rise with a spectacular view, but not necessarily in the city – close to bike paths and parks. Ah… you’ve got me dreaming too now!

    • Adam Buller says:

      I’ve always dreamed of living by a lake too debs, I have a bit of an obsession with being by the water. It doesn’t take long for your mind to start running wild, does it! 🙂

  9. Alexis says:

    I would much rather live in the city area but it also depends on what age I am at. When I am older I would much rather live in the country area with a bunch of land. Since I am in my 20’s, I love being around people and socializing with random strangers. The city is great for that.

  10. I live in a small town – about 7,000 people- and though I ocassionally complain about our lack of choices from clothes shopping places to things carried at the grocery store, I should be grateful instead. The even tinier towns around us all have to drive to my town to get to a full-service/full-size grocery store and a Walmart… I don’t think I oculd live in a “city” either though.

  11. I am all about country living. I do enjoy heading into the city for a night on the town but my heart is in the country. It’s where I go to re-charge my batteries.

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