Xero Review – Online Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Xero Review – Is it the right online accounting software for you?


There is no doubt that some aspects of running a small business can be a real hassle and could end up taking up far more of your time than you are happy with.

However, the good news is that there are plenty of helpful tools out there if you know where to look for them.

A good example of this is the Xero online accounting software for small businesses. This is a smart piece of online software that gives you a big helping hand in one of the most awkward aspects of running a small business.

But what exactly is Xero and is this the right cloud based accounting software for you? This is what we’ll be looking at in this Xero Review.

What Is Xero?

To give you a little bit of background on the company, Xero has over 862,000 subscribers in more than 180 countries and is the UK’s leading online accounting software provider. In other words, the company is well established and has great credentials.

Xero’s software is cloud-based, meaning it requires no installation and there are no upgrade costs. The company prides itself on the beautiful look of its platform and the fact that it is accessible anytime, anywhere.

The Xero website promises to let you “get a real-time view of your cashflow”. This might sound very simple but when you think about it, there is a good chance that this is exactly what you are lacking right now.

If you want a short and simple explanation of how the Xero software works and the benefits of using it, then take a few moments to watch a short promotional video on the homepage of the company’s website.

How Xero Works

This is a fast and simple piece of software that brings together your banking details, your PayPal account and your latest credit card transactions all in one place. You can, therefore, see exactly where you stand, who has paid you and what is still outstanding.

In addition, you can use Xero to pay bills, issue invoices, sort out payroll and do a whole host of other things with it. Basically, it can make just about any small business accounting issue a lot easier and quicker to deal with.

This makes it ideal if you want to free up some time to do other stuff rather than shuffle through statements and crunch numbers for hours on end. It might even save you from the cost of hiring someone to carry out this sort of accounting work for you.

Mobile Access and App Compatibility

There is a good chance that Xero will end up being one of the most important pieces of online software you use on your desktop PC or laptop. However, one of the biggest advantages to using it is that it also offers easy mobile access wherever you go.

You can log into your Xero account on the move using an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet. The app is really simple to use and means that you will never be out of touch with your real-time financial situation.

It is also great to see that Xero is compatible with a huge range of other, third party apps too. You can use it to connect seamlessly with the likes of inventory, time keeping, payroll and reporting apps.

All of this means that you will be able to enjoy being in touch at all times and no matter where you are. There will no longer be any need to worry about what is happening in the office in your absence.

How to Get Started

Thankfully, it is also incredibly easy to get started as well. You can get signed up in a matter of minutes and you will soon have your own unique dashboard set up.

You’ll then just need to add your bank details and other relevant information in order to get your accounts linked up and your feeds all set up and ready to roll. It is also good to see that you can add unlimited team members to your account, meaning that anyone you need to can access the cloud and keep things up to date easily and without any fuss.

The Cost

When it comes to pricing, the first piece of good news is that users around the globe can Trial Xero for Free for 30 days with no credit card details required.

If you want to skip the free trial and take advantage of some upfront discounts instead, then there are some special offers that you are sure to be interested in.

Right now, you can take advantage of a smashing 25% discount for the first 3 months. This means that you can get started with Xero for as little as £7.50 per month. This is for the Starter package that normally costs £10 per month and is ideal for a small business that only needs to send out up to 5 invoices/quotes and 5 bills each month. You can also reconcile up to 20 bank transactions each month. You can manage and submit VAT online with this and all of the other packages.

The next option is called the Standard pack and at the time of writing it is available for £16.50 for the first three months. This option removes the limit on invoices, quotes, bills and reconciled transactions.

Finally, the premium package is currently on special offer at £20.62 for the first 3 months. This gives you everything in the Standard package but also adds in a multi-currency facility that could be very useful for a lot of businesses.

  • Please note these offers are only available at the time of writing and may be subject to change in the future.


By letting the Xero software do the hard work, you can rest easily knowing that you are now completely and effortlessly in control of your finances at all times.

This is the type of online software that can prove to be a Godsend for a small business owner who simply doesn’t have the time or interest to look after the financial side of their company the old-fashioned way.

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