protect yourself and your brand

How to Protect yourself and your Brand against Financial Difficulties

We live in difficult economic times, where business confidence and spending continues to plummet against the backdrop of Brexit and economic uncertainty. This has the potential to create a harsh economic landscape for firms, particularly start-ups or SMEs with limited resources and resistance to austerity. 

Free prize draw

Grab Your Chance to Win £500 with the Drewberry Prize Draw

From time to time we love sharing great giveaways and competitions with our readers, especially when there’s a decent prize up for grabs. Today we’re sharing a £500 prize draw which has just been launched by UK insurance firm Drewberry Insurance.

Struggling with debt

Biggest causes of debt in the UK

Debt is a growing problem in the UK as more and more of us seek quick fixes to our financial problems or take out credit without considering the implications further down the line. However, sometimes debt occurs due to an unavoidable change in circumstance or even a tragedy. Let’s explore some of the main causes for this big issue in the UK:

Cheap pallet furniture

3 Ways to Furnish Your Home on the Cheap

When you first move into a new home it can be really tempting to start racking up debt on purchases such as new sofas, dining tables, fridge freezers or even smaller items such as curtains and rugs. If you turn to credit to buy these items then it can feel like you’re not really spending that much at all, until you have to start making the repayments that is!

Do you really need to spend this much, though, or is there another way? We think that there are several other ways to furnish your new home on the cheap but here are just 3 for you to consider.

Trading online

Stocks, ETFs, Forex and Binary Options

Technological developments in the last few years have presented new ways of investing and possibly becoming rich. People can invest in stocks from their home, and trade in forex anytime in the day. Likewise, there are derivatives such as Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and options. Binary options are perhaps the most fascinating of the derivative lot because they can be highly rewarding if the investor is astute.

Here is some analysis of different asset classes that are considered to be risky investments to help you in deciding where to park your funds.