How to Pay for a Personal Injury Solicitor

The U.K. no longer offers legal aid for personal injury cases. Unfortunately, if you’ve suffered a personal injury, you’ll have to pay for legal representation on your own. The good news is that no-win no-fee arrangements mean you don’t have to pay anything at all unless your solicitor wins a settlement for you.


Confused About the New UK Pension Rules?

If there is one Personal Finance issue that seems to be baffling millions of people in the UK at the moment, it is that of the new UK pension rules that are due to come into force in 2015. These rules are set to completely overhaul the way in which people fund their retirement.


Options for Selling a Financed Vehicle

As much as many personal finance bloggers abhor the idea of purchasing a car on finance, it is interesting to know that in the year of 2013 around 3 quarters of the cars sold privately in the UK were in fact bought using a finance arrangement. It is understandable then that many people may at some point find themselves in a position where they need to sell or change their vehicle while it still has some kind of finance attached to it. So is it possible to do this? 


Reclaiming package account fees: what you need to know

Package bank accounts can sometimes seem appealing, although it’s an extra monthly expense, they include all kinds of useful extras including mobile phone insurance, higher interest rates, travel insurance and interest-free overdrafts. However, if you have one of these accounts but the added extras don’t apply to you then you may have been mis-sold the account, and therefore be entitled to a refund of £100s – possibly even £1,000s.


Learn from the Best Investors with Financial Social Networking

If you are trying to do anything successfully in life then it is vitally important that you not only learn and gain as much knowledge as you can about the area in which you are trying to become successful, but that when possible you also learn from the best in the game.