BSIA Death Preperation Infographic

Are You as Prepared for Death as You Think?

While death is a bit of a morbid subject to talk about, when it comes to financial planning it is also an extremely important one. After all, if you fail to plan properly for this – let’s face it – inevitable event, then the growing costs of arranging a ‘proper send-off’ are likely to be passed on to your loved ones to deal with instead. This will only add more stress to an extremely distressing and upsetting time for them.

Young man trading on smartphone

Becoming a Copy Trader: How Social Media changes our financial life

Social media networks have become a standard part of modern life. Americans check Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts an average of 17 times a day, according to recent research from Informate Mobile Intelligence

Trading strategy

How to Create a Trading Strategy

One of the first steps in learning how to trade is to develop a trading strategy. The first step in creating a trading strategy is to analyze your trading personality.  If you are the kind of person that loves to hunt for bargains then you might want to consider becoming a contrarian trader that trades against the grain. If on the other hand you like to find momentum and bet with the favorite before others jump in, then breakout trading might be your ticket. By analyzing how you purchase merchandise or services, you might have a better idea of the type of strategy you will be successful creating.

cash still relevant

Cash is dead, long live cash

Technological advancements are giving consumers a greater variety of payment solutions, designed to ease transactions and provide increased flexibility and convenience. But as the Bank of England reveals the new designs and security features of polymer banknotes entering circulation later this year, what role does the humble bank note and coin have in a multi-channel world?


Foresters Financial Stocks and Shares ISA Top-up Offer

It’s not easy to find the best ISA deals these days and that’s why we like to share them on this blog when we do find them! With this in mind, I thought I’d direct your attention today to a limited time offer that investment firm Foresters Financial are running right now on their website. It’s an offer that is great for both newbie and also seasoned ISA investors. This is because the offer not only applies to those who are opening an ISA for the very first time, but it also applies to existing savings or investments which are transferred to Foresters Financial from other ISA providers too. So, what is the offer exactly?