Property prices

What the Post-Brexit Property Market Could Mean for First Time Buyers

On June 23rd 2016 the world waited with baited breath to see whether or not Britain would vote to leave the European Union.

Seeing as over half of Britain’s wealth is tied up in property the response to this decision could be life-changing for many people.

Frugal living tips

7 Frugal Living Tips for Families

Sticking to a tight budget isn’t a reason to give up all the good things in life.  You can continue to enjoy fun times with your kids, go on fantastic outings, and grow closer as a family while you’re at it. We’ve curated these seven frugal living tips specifically with parents in mind.

Alternative Investments

3 Ways to Profit from Alternative Markets

Want to earn better returns from your investment portfolio? Wikipedia defines alternative investments as those asset types that fall outside the usual stocks, bonds, and cash. While that may not sound like it leaves much room for speculation, the list of what’s considered an alternative investment is actually quite long and ranges from real estate and commodities, to more out-of-the-box offerings like rare collectibles and venture capital.

Paper Trading

Paper Trading – Old Concept New Practice

Not everyone is an investment guru, but everybody can invest in different investment vehicles provided by various trading platforms online. You can trade online currencies, stocks, commodities and derivatives among others. However, before you get into the actual trading you need to have background information about how the market works and how to get in and trade successfully making money according to your trading plan and minimizing your risk exposure.

Confused about car insurance

Confused about Car Insurance Costs?

Have you ever found yourself looking at your car insurance quote in dismay, wondering just why it is costing you so much? Well, if you have, then try not to feel too downhearted as recent research from the Co-op Insurance arm would indicate that you are far from being in the minority on this subject. In fact, the research suggests that around 48% of motorists find car insurance to be a confusing subject.