Alibaba still set for biggest ever US IPO

One standout story for investors over the past few years has to be the relentless hype over the huge IPOs that have hit the market during this time. From Facebook to Twitter and now the Alibaba IPO, investors thirst to get their hands on the shares of these huge and exciting companies at their initial public offering level has seemed somewhat insatiable.

Advantages of being a homeowner

Advantages of being a homeowner

There is little doubt that purchasing your own home is the biggest and most important financial decision you will ever have to make. Buying a house is a huge commitment with long-term consequences that have to be considered carefully, and not just in monetary terms. The future pattern of your whole life can change with the purchase of a property.


Time for a Financial Do-Over? Tips for Turning Things Around

Let’s face it, a lot of us are bad with money. How we got here is usually a combination of factors, from picking up habits from our parents who weren’t the most financially savvy to not being able to see the long-term consequences of our poor choices.


Cheap Breakdown Cover – Where to Get It

Anyone who has ever had their car break down knows how important it is to have some sort of breakdown cover they can rely on.

You simply never know when this type of cover could get you out of a sticky situation when your car lets you down and you don’t know what else to do. This is especially true if you aren’t very comfortable with the idea of changing tyres or trying to work out what has gone wrong with the vehicle.

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Dying Intestate in the UK – What can Happen, and Why you Should get a Will Today

Recently, a BBC poll found that around 70% of people in Britain have no formal last will and testament prepared. That means that 7 people out of every 10 deaths in Britain are leaving their estate in the hands of the convoluted, frustrating and, at times, dangerous British intestate laws.

If you’re one of these people – happily strolling around without a care in the world – I advise you to read on.