Is Income Protection Insurance Worth It?

Last month on Money Bulldog we discussed the question ‘What is Income Protection Insurance?‘. Today we are following up on that article by asking another question, ‘Is income protection insurance worth it?’.

It is always a good idea to think carefully about your needs and financial situation before taking out any kind of insurance cover.


Feeling sorry for the people who…

I have to say I’m feeling a little sorry for the people who…

…have an eBay auction ending for their Amazon Kindle HDX today!


Avoid Accidents at Work with a Building Site Safety Check

Recently on Money Bulldog we have published a couple of posts relating to what steps an employee should take in the event of an accident at work. What about employers though? What can they do to reduce the possibility of accidents like these from happening in the first place?


5 Ways to access your equity during retirement

With the interest rates on savings accounts having been stuck at record levels for more than 5 years now, many retirees are finding it difficult to get by and live any kind of a decent lifestyle on the income they have coming into the household. As a result many of these retirees begin to think about the possibility of utilising some of the equity in their home to improve their lifestyle during retirement.


Tips for improving your credit rating score

It’s important when running a home and looking after a family that your credit score is a positive one so you don’t run into trouble when it comes to securing a mortgage, taking out a loan for home maintenance or even a ‘buy now pay later’ credit card in the holiday season.