disability benefits

Disability Benefits Are Still on Uncertain Ground Despite Government U-turn

Hammering out a national budget is never easy, and coming up with one that will please everyone is well nigh impossible. It is almost inevitably reduced to a strategy of robbing Peter to pay Paul, and sometimes, as in the budget proposals announced in mid-March 2016, that strategy can backfire. A proposed reduction of £55 a week in benefit payments to disabled people, in order to possibly fund a middle-class tax giveaway, created a storm of protest – not to mention what amounted to a Tory civil war. The proposed action would have removed the PIP – Personal Independence Payment – benefits from more than 600,000 disabled people over the next five years, resulting in a savings of £4.4 billion by 2020. The Institute for Fiscal Studies claimed that the cuts would have caused 370,000 disabled people to lose an average of £3,500 a year.

Breakdown cover

How I Got Breakdown Cover for Less than £20

When renewing my car insurance policy recently, I couldn’t help but feel that the price that I was being offered to have breakdown cover added to my policy wasn’t all that competitive. I used to always add it to my policy thinking that it was the cheapest option, but this time I thought I’d shop around instead and I’m really glad that I did, as I managed to get hold of breakdown cover which is tailored to my personal needs for just under £20, which I think is a bit of a bargain. If you want to bring down the cost of breakdown cover yourself, then here’s how you can do it.

Retirement Plan

When to Start Saving for Retirement – Infographic

While we sometimes tend to think that young people are not as financially aware as they perhaps should be, recent research carried out by UK financial firm icount reveals that young adults in the UK may be more financially astute than they are often perceived to be, especially when it comes to thinking about saving for retirement.

Selling your own home

Advice for Private House Sales

Selling your home privately is an appealing option for those who want to save money on costly agent fees, even if your house is worth below the national average. But what does the process involve and how do you go about selling your home privately? This post gives you the facts as well as advice for how to proceed with your private sale.

Travel Money Delivered

Getting Travel Money Delivered to Your Door

It’s coming to that time of year when a lot of people will be thinking about getting their holiday money sorted out ready for summer. In the past, this would have meant taking a tedious trip down to the Post Office or travel agents and queueing for an absolute age behind all of the other prospective holidaymakers, just to make a simple transaction.