14 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Family Holiday

Despite the costly overheads associated with taking an annual holiday, figures show the majority of Brits are prepared to dig-deep and travel somewhere exotic when the summer comes around.

To help hard-working families save a few bob on their next trip, we’re here with 14 ways you can save money on this year’s family getaway.


Can you switch bank accounts even if you have an overdraft?

Switching bank accounts is something that we’ve spoken about a few times recently on Money Bulldog. We’ve mentioned the potential benefits of switching as well as touching on the new 7 working day switching process. What is the situation for those people who have an overdraft and regularly use it though? Can they still switch their current account?


Are mortgages for the over 60s and mortgages for pensioners a thing of the past?

Mortgages for over 60s and mortgages for older people are becoming increasingly harder to obtain.

Following the introduction of the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) some lenders have started to apply strict age limits on their mortgage lending.


5 factors that cause currency price movements explained simply

If you are the sort of person who pays a lot of attention to financial and economic news, then you will often hear about movements in the value of currencies.


How to Find your First Ever Job

If it has been a while since you got your first ever job it might be hard for you to remember how you felt when you were job hunting. This is a nerve-racking time and anyone who is trying to get into the job market might like to follow these pieces of advice.