Asking for Guarantor

3 Situations Where you Might be Asked for a Guarantor

If you have bad credit or you are a young person with very little credit history to your name, it’s possible that at some point in your life you might be asked for a guarantor to be provided in order for you to proceed with some financial aspect of your life.


Music Magpie introduces ‘Same Day’ payments

For people who are looking to raise some fast cash, selling some unused items you have around the home is usually one of the first ports of call. With more and more people using online music and film streaming services these days, CDs and DVDs are now high on the list of possible things to sell. One quick and easy way to raise cash from these items is to sell them to a company called Music Magpie.


Investing in a holiday home in France

A holiday home in France is once again looking like a savvy investment with the economic upturn in Europe and a buoyant pound. But what do you need to know when it comes to turning a profit and avoiding pitfalls when investing in a property across The Channel?


How unsecured loans are being shaken up by peer-to-peer lending

Unsecured loans. There’s a tangible negativity in the name that can easily breed doubt for those not well versed on the subject. Yet any stigmas – or even automatic associations with less scrupulous credit providers such as payday lenders – are often wide of the mark. Instead, most lenders in this market are reputable ones who are offering consumers a financial option if they feel that this is the right thing to do in their current circumstances.


Could pension release open new doors for you?

Six months have passed since the pension reforms took effect and more than 200,000 people have released money from their pension, some of whom have even cashed in their entire fund.