Why do we keep so much stuff?

A little while ago I wrote a post on Money Bulldog showing how you can raise a bit of extra cash just by having a spring clean. One of the things we mentioned involved selling a bit of your old junk online or in an old fashioned car boot sale. One of our friends did a car boot the other day and she managed to raise £60 in just one morning, not too shabby.

After watching an episode of the television program ‘Business Boomers’ looking at the growth of the UK self-storage industry though, it highlighted that getting rid of stuff is a lot harder for some than it is for others, with some people spending around £400 a month on their self-storage habit. That’s not far off the cost of a second mortgage for some people. So why are we so addicted to keeping stuff?


Are families getting richer or poorer?

So I watching the news this morning and noticed that inflation in the UK dropped to 1.6% in March, which means that inflation has been on the decline for six straight months now, the longest extended period since records began. There’s also been a lot of talk today regarding tomorrow’s wage figures which many economists predict will show that average wage growth is finally outpacing inflation, ending a six year squeeze on real earnings. So we’re all better off than we were, right? Well, not so fast. There were also a couple of other conflicting reports out today that show that the situation with wages and inflation really don’t tell the full story.


Heartbleed ~ Watch out for those phishing emails!

Although it only happened last week the Heartbleed security bug - which placed millions of people’s passwords at risk – may seem like old news now, such is the world we live in. Even though the bug has now reportedly been fixed by the developers of the OpenSSL security system however, there is still a potential danger to the public that could go on for some time yet and that is the danger of phishing emails.


Could the end of PPI claims affect the economic recovery?

I can still remember the day that £2000+ of reclaimed PPI money dropped into my bank account. It came as quite a surprise really as I hadn’t even received the final letter from the bank to tell me they had agreed to my demands. Where did the money go? Well at the time my wife and I had just bought our first house and it was a much needed and welcome addition to the renovation budget. In that sense the money went straight into our account and then straight back out again, into the hands of building suppliers and home improvement stores like B&Q – which was our second home at the time.


Feeling overwhelmed by finances? Time to grab a pen

Are you currently feeling totally overwhelmed by your financial situation? Don’t have a clue what you have coming in compared to what is going out? When you feel like this and the pressures of life start to pile up it can be very difficult to face up to the situation and it can instead be tempting to just try and ignore it. As time passes though things can quickly get worse and even out of control. If this sounds like your life at the minute then the most important thing you can do is to grab a pen and paper, flick the kettle on and start trying to make some sense of things.