One simple way to become a Billionaire

Have you ever wondered to yourself just how a person becomes a billionaire? The sheer reality of it can be quite hard to comprehend, can’t it? Last night I was watching a television program about the lives, routines and personality traits of some of the world’s most successful billionaires and it gave some very interesting insights into the real people behind the money.

A man swimming off his luxury yacht

What Do You Really Want to Do With Your Money?

We all have dreams and goals in life and even though much effort is required, it is by no means impossible for us to achieve them. This often won’t happen by some sort of fluke however, it is much more likely that it will happen because you work hard to make it happen.

With this in mind it can be a very good idea to work out early on in life what it is you really want to do with your money. Which of the following things would you most like to achieve for your future?


Legitimate Reasons to Consider an Offshore Bank Account

Many people would associate offshore banking with practices such as tax avoidance, tax evasion or hiding money from your spouse. icon smile Legitimate Reasons to Consider an Offshore Bank Account Actually though, the reasons why most people decide to set up offshore bank accounts are much less sinister than that. Here are a few legitimate reasons why someone might consider setting up an offshore bank account and perhaps why you might think about setting up an offshore account yourself.


Two Very Different Personal Finance eBooks

Finding the time to write high quality blog posts for your own blog can be tough going and time consuming at times, never mind also writing your own eBook as a side project. I have so much respect for those people who have the determination and the commitment to do this, write and publish their own eBook.


Top signs that you’re in too much debt

Many consumers have some form of debt, whether it’s in the form of credit cards or secured loans. Sometimes we have become so used to having debts that we don’t always realise when they are becoming a problem. As long as you can afford to make your monthly repayments, you presume that everything is fine. However, it only takes one small problem to cause a setback and lead to serious financial difficulties.