Don’t forget to renew your tax credits!

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? A letter comes through the door reminding you that you need to do something but you have a month or two before you actually ‘need’ to do it, so it gets put to one side or perhaps even placed in a drawer or filing box and you get on with your day. Before you know it a month has gone by and somewhere in the middle of working hard, being a parent or just trying to keep up with your daily routine you manage to forget all about that letter!


When Profits Outweigh the Penalty

If you read this blog regularly then you may remember that I recently wrote an Amazon Prime Review mentioning some of the pros and cons of the service including the instant video part of it. One thing I didn’t mention in that post is that I’m a bit of a sucker for a good documentary and while working my way through some of the ones on offer with Prime I came across one called ‘The Corporation’ which delved into the inner workings of ‘big business’.


How Video Conferencing Can Help You Get a Job

Video conferencing is used by businesses and professionals to remotely but seamlessly hold meetings, webinars, training sessions, and group discussions, among other things. While businesses for the most part use video conferencing programs like the Blue Jeans Network to hold meetings and conferences with people in remote locations, individual professionals will find that they have much to gain from employing video conferencing to get a job. If you’re a professional looking for employment, here’s how video conferencing can help you:


benenden health review – A detailed look at benenden health

One of the great concerns many people have is just what would happen if we or our loved ones got sick? As well as the health implications, this can cause a massive headache if you don’t know where to turn for help or get caught up in long waiting lists.

No matter how well organised we appear to have our lives, a serious health issue for any of our family members could turn our lives upside down. This is why health insurance and health plans are seen by so many people as offering a great chance to get some peace of mind.


Working from home does have its benefits

I’ve worked a few different jobs in my life. Some were purely outdoor based but I’ve also worked in an office environment, so I have a pretty good idea of the pros and cons of each. I now mostly work from home and like every other job this has positive and negative aspects to it. One of the negatives is that it can feel pretty lonely at times being cooped up staring at a screen all day but there are certainly some benefits too. Here are a few things that I feel count as benefits.