Wads of US Dollars piled up representing US national debt

U.S. Debt set to Reach $20 Trillion During Next Presidency

Despite boasting the largest economy in the world, it seems that we shouldn’t be taking any budgeting tips from America. The country currently finds itself facing a debt crisis that will surely have the next U.S. president sweating, with the nation on course to meet its borrowing limit around mid-March 2017.

person reading an email newsletter on their mobile device while on a coffee break

5 Ways to Get Subscribers to Read Your Email Newsletter

Email marketing is a very popular form of digital marketing in today’s online world. Everything from digital coupons to notices of upcoming sales, brands and marketers are taking advantage of the power of email marketing. And why wouldn’t businesses want to use email marketing?

Plan A crossed out on a blackboard with Plan B visible

Viable Alternatives to Pensioner Bonds

When Pensioner Bonds were first launched back in January of 2015, they were hailed by many as being the answer to low interest rates for those Over 65s who were eligible to apply. As it turned out, the solution was only a temporary one. While the one-year bond offered market leading rates of 2.8% at the time of launch, these rates were almost halved to a rate of just 1.45% when the one-year bonds matured earlier this year and NS&I announced that it was axing the scheme late last year.

Businessman holding an umbrella over another businessman to represent professional indemnity insurance protection

The Importance of Professional Indemnity Insurance for Financial Accountants

As an accountant, you’re responsible for helping your clients make huge, important decisions. The advice you give has the potential to make a massive impact on your client’s business and personal finances. Therefore, if you make a mistake, the consequences to your client could be huge.

The words Credit Score examined through a magnifying glass

5 Things Clever People Know About Their Credit Rating

Whether you’re looking to arrange a credit card, a mortgage, loans or car insurance, your credit rating can make a big difference to the deal you can get. However, if you know how credit scoring works, then you can do things to help improve your score. Read on for five things that you need to know about your credit rating.