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electricity meter

Why You NEED to Submit a Meter Reading TODAY!

Even if you are not on a fixed rate energy deal, energy prices have effectively been fixed for a long time now for most people. This is because the government’s energy price guarantee scheme has acted as a ceiling on the amount a typical household will pay for their energy.

New Stamps Barcoded Royal Mail

New Stamps – Why the barcode and what is it for?

If you’ve bought some stamps recently you may have a few questions. Firstly there’s the usual price increases we seem to get regularly these days. That’s not the only change with the new royal mail stamps, though. As you may have noticed, there’s now a barcode or QR code attached to the stamp.

So what is this QR code all about and why is it on there?

deciding whether to use Klarna

Should You Use Klarna? What you need to know BEFORE you apply!

Like everyone else during this pandemic, my online shopping has increased.

Whether it has been a pair of shorts or a more expensive item like an inflatable tent, pretty much all of it has been bought online.

This increase in online shopping has led me to come across the ‘buy now pay later’ company Klarna again and again. I’m sure you’ve noticed them popping up as a payment option too.

AppleCare+ VS Gadget Insurance VS Bank Insurance

Protecting our gadgets has now become a huge priority in life for most of us. A report from earlier in 2020 showed that the typical British adult spends about £40,000 on technology in their whole life, including over 20 mobile phones, 16 games consoles and the same number of computers or laptops. 

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Do You Really Need Pet Insurance?

We all know that Britain is a nation of pet lovers. The PFMA calculates that 45% of households here have pets, with a total of around 51 million domestic pets around the country. Many of these animals are beloved members of the family that we simply can’t imagine living without.