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AppleCare+ VS Gadget Insurance VS Bank Insurance

Protecting our gadgets has now become a huge priority in life for most of us. A report from earlier in 2020 showed that the typical British adult spends about £40,000 on technology in their whole life, including over 20 mobile phones, 16 games consoles and the same number of computers or laptops. 

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Do You Really Need Pet Insurance?

We all know that Britain is a nation of pet lovers. The PFMA calculates that 45% of households here have pets, with a total of around 51 million domestic pets around the country. Many of these animals are beloved members of the family that we simply can’t imagine living without. 

Multi Pet Insurance Discounts - Who offers the best deal?

Multi Pet Insurance Discounts – Who Offers the Best Deal?

Pet insurance can be expensive, especially when you are insuring more than one pet. To win your business most pet insurance providers will offer some kind of multi pet discount with their policies. But which UK pet insurance company offers the best multi pet discount? Let’s look at 3 popular pet insurers to see what they have to offer.

Cute Puppy - Don't forget insurance!

January’s Here – Don’t Forget Insurance!

It’s the start of January and I’m guessing the last thing you all want to be thinking about right now is insurance, right? After all, you’ve probably just spent a small fortune on gadgets, bikes, pets and more. Why on earth would you want to spend more money?

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Can Women Still Get Cheaper Car Insurance?

For many years it was well-known that women were generally able to get cheaper car insurance than men. In fact, during this time, some insurance companies created women only car insurance brands that specifically offered cheaper insurance deals for women. While these brands are still around today, due to an EU ruling back in 2012 known as the Gender Directive, car insurance companies are no longer allowed to offer cheaper prices to women simply based on gender and they also have to insure both men and women alike.