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Is Your Dream Car More Affordable Than You Think?

Wouldn’t life be great if you could afford that amazing car you have been dreaming about? Well, you might find that if you are smart about it you really can pay for your dream car. The following are some of the points to bear in mind when you have your heart set on a new vehicle.

Parking Fine Minimum could be Scrapped

The DfT (Department for Transport) has announced that it is in consultation with regard to abolishing the minimum penalty charge rate. A series of criticisms has been levelled at the department, most significantly by the Commons Transport Select Committee, accusing the department of having a ‘cash cow’ attitude when it comes to enforcing parking regulations.

3 Situations in Which the Right Car Finance Can Help You Enormously

I have never been a big fan of taking out loans but there are some times in life when it is the only way to get something you need or want.

The three main situations in which a loan is necessary for most of us are when we buy a house, when we buy a car and if we plan to start up a new business. These are big investments which you probably don’t have the money lying around in order to fund.

If we look at the example of a car loan, there are certain situations in which getting this finance sorted out instead of trying to save up can really help you enormously.

Buying your first car

Regardless of how it is approached, getting your first car is a time-consuming, frustrating but thrilling experience. After all, with a vehicle, you can suddenly cross great distances in a matter of minutes and no longer will be at the mercy of public transportation. However, with great power comes great responsibility – cars require upkeep, parking fees and a hefty chunk of cash to buy. Before you hurriedly run out to make your purchase, there are a few things to be aware of before you buy.

Why Purchasing A Car Might Not Be The Right Choice

Time to buy a new car? If you are looking to upgrade your vehicle, perhaps because your current motor is coming toward the end of its life or costing too much to keep in a roadworthy condition, then buying from new may seem perfectly sensible. After all, dealerships nowadays offer some fantastic deals on new cars which often come with excellent warranty schemes and servicing. New cars, as opposed to second hand ones, offer the driver a good deal more confidence and this can be especially pleasing if you know little about car maintenance and the potential pitfalls when buying a used car.