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How Much Do You Need to Save for Retirement?

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There’s a lot of talk about saving for retirement these days. It’s clear that as a nation, most in the UK simply aren’t saving enough. But what is enough exactly? How much will you need for your retirement? And how much will you need to put away now in order to get there?

5 Simple Tips To Sort Out Your Pension

5 Simple Tips To Sort Out Your Pension

It’s true to say that for many people the thought of sorting out their pension arrangements can be truly daunting. As soon as they try and look into it, they are often confronted with a lot of financial jargon they simply don’t understand. On top of this, the mass of companies and options on offer can be overwhelming.

If you feel this way then don’t despair and don’t give up. In this post, we’ll be stripping away all of the jargon to give you 5 simple tips to help you get your pension arrangements in order and keep them that way.

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Will You Ever Be Able to Retire?

The thought of never being able to retire was quite a laughable concept when I was growing up. It was generally accepted that adults worked until they were around 60 to 65 years old and if you were really fortunate or worked really hard, then you might even be able to retire at 50 or dare I say it, 40.

How much do we know about pensions?

With seemingly endless press attention, we’re becoming increasingly aware of the need to save for our future, post-retirement. However, while we may be aware of pensions, few truly understand their options and how their pension savings can benefit them.

When to Start Saving for Retirement – Infographic

While we sometimes tend to think that young people are not as financially aware as they perhaps should be, recent research carried out by UK financial firm icount reveals that young adults in the UK may be more financially astute than they are often perceived to be, especially when it comes to thinking about saving for retirement.