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Get Your Branding Right for 2017

The branding of your business can be responsible for a lot of factors, including its success. Good branding can result in customer loyalty and a high conversion rate, but how do you get to this stage? How do you build a brand that speaks for itself and brings in results?

Amazon Go Store and Logo

How Can You Improve Your Business With The Latest Technology?

Amazon have recently announced the opening of their first Amazon Go Store in Seattle, USA where they are trialling their latest technology.

How Online Accounts Programs Can Simplify Your Taxes and Save You Money

How Online Accounts Software Can Save You Time and Money

When I first started to run my own business, I really didn’t give too much thought to the idea of setting up an online accounting system to help with paying my taxes. All I really wanted to do was get out there and make some money! So, I just stuffed all my receipts in a drawer, kept a record of what I was earning and that was about it.

explaining peer to peer lending on a blackboard

Are We Seeing a Paradigm Shift in the Perception of P2P Lenders?

There is no doubt that peer-to-peer (P2P) lenders have faced a certain amount of criticism within the UK markets during the past few years. Some claims have been erroneous while others were entirely unfounded. However, we may be starting to see a paradigm shift in regards to the ways in which such companies are viewed. One interesting example can be seen in the recent comments made by former P2P opponent and financial regulator Lord Adair Turner. How has his position changed, why has he backtracked on several perspectives and what could this signify for the peer-to-peer lending industry as a whole?

Chinese movie fans taking photos of movie star on mobile phones

Why Israeli Media Moguls are Looking to Ride the Chinese Dragon

As one of the emerging economic superpowers of the twenty-first century, for the last decade, Israel has been making headlines around the world in fields as diverse as consumer technology, medical devices, and security.