How to See the World and Make Money at the Same Time


Probably the biggest drawback for many people when they think about travelling the world is the cost of doing this. After all, few of us can afford to quit our job and head off on a globetrotting adventure without worrying about the cash aspect first of all.

The good news is that this is no longer a reason for staying at home. There are now many different ways to earn money while you travel the world and here are some of the best ones.

Teach English

People all over the world want to learn English and if you are a native speaker it could be one of your most valuable skills. Your best option would be to get some TEFL qualifications* before you leave home. You won’t necessarily be restricted to teaching classrooms full of kids, as you might be hired by a company or by individual businesspeople instead.

Work Online

If you are going to be in a developing country where life is cheap then working online could be your most lucrative approach. In this way you can earn pounds or dollars which go a very long way in the local economy. In fact, you might find that 3 or 4 hours work a day gets you by comfortably in some parts of the world. You could write travel blogs, send out marketing emails, fill out spreadsheets or do whatever other online freelancer work you can find.

Work in a Bar or Restaurant

One of the most popular types of job for travellers is that of working in a bar of restaurant. If you aren’t all that comfortable with the language of the country you are in then it is going to make sense to look for a job in a resort or other area where a lot of ex pats eat and dine.

Pick Fruit

fruitIf you’re travelling through countries like Spain and like the idea of getting some exercise when you are abroad you might enjoy fruit picking. This can be a surprisingly good way to earn cash in some countries while in others it won’t pay much at all, so it makes sense to investigate before you set your heart on this. If you want to blow away the cobwebs of years of studying or working in an office then this could the ideal way of doing it while seeing a local culture up close.

Teach Music or Dance or Whatever Else You Can Do

If you have a skill then this could be the time to use it. People all over the world want to learn how to dance, how to play the violin, how to surf and how to do anything else you are good at. In some places you can advertise your services online while in other countries you will need to print out some pieces of paper and stick then up in shops and hostels and anywhere else you can.

Become an Au Pair

Another way of earning money while you travel is by becoming an au pair. This is a job with a huge amount of responsibility and in some countries you might need to have some professional qualifications. It can be a very rewarding type of work and will allow you to live in a family situation in a foreign land as well.

Work in Tourism

tourMany travel agencies and other tourist oriented businesses like to get on board workers who can relate well to tourists from their own country. It would really help to be bilingual in this job but it may not always be completely necessary. Of course, as well as getting paid you will get to go on tours and see a lot of the country too.

Sell Time Shares

This last option might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is worth considering. This is another area in which companies often look to recruit workers from the same countries as their potential customers. This means that you would be best giving this a try in a place where a lot of holidaymakers are from the same place as you. It can be a demanding role but it can also give you a good pay packet while you live the dream.

5 Responses to How to See the World and Make Money at the Same Time

  1. Pauline says:

    I’ve been location independent for a few years, and if you travel slowly, it isn’t that expensive. The best thing you can do to earn more is work for yourself as a freelancer and online. Local bars and even tour agencies usually just pay you enough to get by at the local cost and save a bit to pay the travel to the next destination.

  2. Liquid says:

    I like the work online idea because it’s something anyone can do without any special skills like playing music or teaching. Things are really changing these days. I know a flight attendant who pretty much makes money while traveling and works part time at a bar when she’s not:D

    • Sounds like she has it made! If the same opportunities to earn had existed when I was younger then I’d definitely have travelled more. My little one starts school in September though so that’s the next 12 years pretty much mapped out for me!! 🙂

  3. My wife has a cousin who travels and teaches English as a second language. This has allowed him to see parts of the world and earn a living at the same time. Another of her friends is a photographer freelancer and is making a great living at it too. Her photos are on magazine covers and she gets to tour around while doing it. There are lots of options available but it also depends on one’s availability. Great post.

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