Internet Connected Cars: Revolutionising the Driving Experience


A recent article suggests that the next advancement in the current mobile culture will be cars that are fully connected to the internet using smartphone technology, such as interactive apps, touch functions and voice commands. And experts predict this could happen as early as by the end of 2014.

This new car technology could radically change the driving experience, offering the following benefits to drivers: never lose your way again when driving in unknown areas with an inbuilt navigation system that can easily pick up your location and then direct you to your destination; locate car parks, petrol stations, cafes and other services quickly, straight from your dashboard; and receive warnings when speed limits are about to change or if there is an upcoming speed camera.

There are so many more ways that having cars connected to the web could revolutionise driving, but there are also some concerns. For example, imagine every journey you make is tracked. Where would this data go? What would it be used for? What if you went slightly over the speed limit – would you automatically receive a ticket in the post? Security is also an issue. With more technology onboard, there would be more opportunities to be hacked which could lead to an increase in car theft. And safety; with a more interactive driving experience, it’s possible you would be paying more attention to what’s happening on the car dashboard than what’s happening on the road.

It would be a matter of opinion (and experience!) whether the benefits of the internet connected car makes the concerns insignificant. After all, if you’re a careful, safe driver who follows the rules of the road, doesn’t break the law and places a high importance on security, many of the concerns should be eradicated.

Particularly in the early days when internet car technology is new and being perfected, it would be no surprise if the price of cars increased. Taking out car finance would certainly help to make it affordable to purchase one of these cars. If you always thought you would never be able to even consider a brand new car with all the latest technologies, car finance will make you think again. It is also less of a risk than other lending options, such as a loan that might be secured against your home.

Only time will tell whether internet connected cars will become the norm, and if they do, whether the driver’s security and safety will be compromised. One thing’s for sure, the driving experience will never be the same again.

4 Responses to Internet Connected Cars: Revolutionising the Driving Experience

  1. Savvy Scot says:

    It is definitely exciting, but it would be yet another service/utility that was dependant on connectivity to the www and a potential target for hackers!

  2. I think we’ll see this grow over time and I think some good can come out of it. The major thing I am concerned, as it is for many, is safety on the road. It’s bad enough having people driving around while on their phones…I can’t imagine them on computers. Lol!

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