Let Your Inner Child Save You Money


Have you ever noticed how a lot of kids can save money easily when they are given the chance? If you are struggling to save as much as you want to then maybe you should let your inner child help you out.

It is something I have been thinking about lately, as I watch my daughter grow up and teach me that you don’t have to spend a lot of cash to have a great time.

Find Free Things to Do

A lot of parents complain about their children spending a lot of money but they are usually just as happy doing free things, aren’t they? A walk to the beach, a cycling trip or some time mucking about in the garden are all things which are hugely entertaining for youngsters. So why can’t we adults enjoy free stuff as well? It is even easier for us to do this than it is for kids. I used to enjoy walking home from work, for example. This is completely free and by the time I got home it was usually time to eat something and then think about going to bed to watch some TV. There are loads of free things to do and most of them are more fun than the activities which cost you a lot of money. Try passing a couple of days without spending any money and see whether it was hard work or whether it was surprisingly good fun.

Be Creative

When my little girl gets fed up of screaming in my ears and switching off my PC while I am working, she will usually go and play with her dolls. It is amazing how much creativity she puts into these games. She will be the teacher overseeing a classroom of particularly rowdy children then the game will magically transform into a pirate adventure or a dinosaur trek. Kids find being creative something which comes to them completely naturally but this isn’t always the case with adults. If you can manage to be more creative about saving money then you will save more. For a start, you could look at what you spend on food and see how you could cut back by being more creative. You could also put on your thinking cap in order to come up with some ideas to spend less on transport, entertainment and anything else you currently spend too much on. By thinking of some fresh ideas you can save money on just about anything you currently spend on.

Enjoy the Little Things

It is a bit of cliché to say that children often throw away their expensive toys and play with the boxes but it is true. This is probably partly because they like to be creative and an empty box is a like a blank canvas to a youngster. However, we can also say that kids like to enjoy the little things in life, whether they are cheap or expensive to do. Lying in bed and having her favourite story read to her is better in the eyes of my daughter than going to the cinema or to the zoo. Sometimes we adults forget to enjoy the little things which make life so enjoyable. Maybe you could start by thinking about the simple little things you haven’t done for years.  When did you last curl up in front of the fire with a good book or play a board game with the family? If you have fallen into a pattern of spending a lot of money on gadgets, takeaway meals and expensive forms of entertainment then it might be time to consider whether you could get just as much enjoyment out of simpler things which don’t cost as much. As well as saving money you might just end up enjoying life more again as well.

What ideas do you have for letting your inner child save you money?

17 Responses to Let Your Inner Child Save You Money

  1. Great ideas. Adults make things way too complicated. Sometimes I feel like taking my wife on a free date isn’t as good as taking her to dinner and a movie, but it’s more about the time we spend together than what we do.

  2. moneystepper says:

    Completely agree! I’m sure that the fact that I’m just a big kid who likes playing outdoors saves me £100s every year!!

  3. I used to collect rocks as a kid. I’d spend hours upon hours sorting them and putting them into an empty Pringles container, dumping them out and then doing it all over again. Kids don’t need expensive toys!

    • Robert Bell says:

      Thanks for the comment. You just reminded me that I used to have a big heap of coins which I inherited from an uncle. I used to spend hours playing with them and it didn’t cost me a thing

  4. It is so much easier as a child. You don’t have to worry about anything, but they certainly teach us good lessons. They don’t need expensive toys, they are happy to play with a box.

  5. My wife tells me I act like a big child sometimes, so this shouldn’t be very hard for me. LOL. Kids have a much more simplistic view of the world, I think we could learn something by keeping that perspective. If I could get as much fun out of a cardboard box as my son did when he as a toddler I’d be one happy dude.

  6. I spent so much time entertaining myself outdoors when I was a kid. A lot of the frugal and free activities as an adult also can be found outdoors. Even though I live in a city, I make sure I do as much outdoor “stuff” as possible. Walking across the bridges, biking around town, free kayaking in the summer, etc.

    • Robert Bell says:

      In some ways, the city has as much to offer in terms of free outdoor things to do as the countryside. Thanks for the comment Stefanie

  7. One of the best ways I found to save money is to skip the gym and take a run outside! Since moving to Toronto I’ve been trying to get outside more and take advantage of the less rainy weather that I was so used to from growing up in Vancouver.

  8. Abigail says:

    Well, kids can’t drive anywhere, so there’s always staying home! And I don’t think people should *ever* stop going ton dinosaur treks.

  9. Oh the joys, innocence and simplicity of childhood!
    As adults we certainly like making things complicated. One of the best lessons we can learn from our inner children is to be content with what we have, share with others and generally be happy. In the end we end up saving some money and living happier and fuller lives.

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