3 Ways to Get Some Extra Storage Space


If there is one thing that we could all use more of it is storage space. It just seems that you can never have enough of it, right? Sure we can do our best to reduce the amount of storage space we need by having a good old spring clean, but what if you really have discarded of every item that you are willing to see the back of but you still just don’t have enough storage space? Do you need to go through the huge upheaval and expense of moving home, or are there some other options available? Here are 3 ways that you can get some extra storage space without having to move house.

Rent someone else’s attic space

So, you may have a house full of stuff and nowhere to store it but some fortunate people actually have the opposite problem. Think about a retired couple in a 3 bed house for example, a house which they just can’t bear to leave behind! Thanks to the joys of the internet these fortunate people are now able to make a little money from their extra space by renting it out to other people, people like you. 🙂 If you think that storing some of your stuff in someone else’s attic might work well for you then sites like SharemyStorage.com can help you to find somebody local with some available space for you to rent out.

Built for purpose storage units

If the idea of storing your stuff in a strangers house doesn’t sit well with you then you could always rent some storage space in a storage building which has been built for this exact purpose. This option will likely cost you more than our previous option but at least you can be assured that your stuff is being stored in a dry, secure and well ventilated space so your goods won’t be at risk of damp, theft or damage. Other benefits to this type of storage unit are that you don’t have to worry about intruding when you want to take a trip down sentimental lane and you can do so at any time of the day.

Renting a Private or Council Owned Garage

If you are looking to store large items like cars or equipment and you are not too worried about the items being stored outdoors, then perhaps you could consider renting a private or council owned garage. Councils and Garage Rental Companies will have various options available for differing budgets, from fully secure garages to empty plots which you can put a garage on yourself. If you are unsure of which local council area you fall under then you can find out on the Directgov website and a quick Google search should provide you with a list of various private companies who offer garages for rent. You can also check websites like eBay to find individuals who have garages available for rent in your area.

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  1. I have never thought about renting another space at someone’s home. I think if you have family around this could be a very cost effective way to save money, but can bring some added drama into your life. I think just renting a storage unit is fine and you don’t have to worry about your stuff while its gone.

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