Announcing the winner of our £60 Amazon Voucher Giveaway!


If you follow Money Bulldog regularly you will  know by now that last week we teamed up with Barclaycard to offer our readers the opportunity to take a quick quiz on the Barclaycard website. If you took the quiz and then shared the giveaway on your favourite social network you were then given one entry and a chance to win £60 worth of Amazon vouchers. Sadly only one person could win this great prize but with 257 entries it has been one of our most successful giveaways to date! As today is Cyber Monday we thought it was a great day to end the giveaway so you could get the best value when spending your vouchers on Amazon. The deal of the day over there seems to be £30 off the new Kindle Fire HDX. It’s discounted for today only so if you are tempted by that then you can find the deal here*.

Anyway, on with the main part of this post, the part that 257 people are shouting at me to get on with. Well after a week of frantic entries I’m happy to announce that the winner of our Cyber Monday 2013 £60 Amazon Voucher Giveaway is… *Laura Wilce*! If you’re reading this Laura then congratulations and I do hope you enjoy spending your vouchers, there’s nothing quite like a bit of free money. I’ll email your vouchers over now so that you can get on with spending them right away.

I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who entered and if you would like to stay updated with future posts and giveaways then please feel free to follow Money Bulldog by email. These giveaways are becoming more and more successful and as a result I’m sure that there will be many more on the way in the not so distant future. We’re really passionate about giving something back to our readers and will always try and do so at any given opportunity. So put simply, Keep Reading!! I hope you all pick up some great online bargains today but do try not to spend too much, there will always be another bargain just around the corner.

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