Apple vs. Samsung the battle figures revealed!


With Apple announcing its hotly anticipated fourth quarter earnings at the end of October, the battle for the Chinese market between Apple and Samsung has never been hotter. With strong results, the technology giants are hoping to reclaim the market with proof that the company is now on the up.

China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile network, are rumoured to be in a deal with Apple which would lead them to a possible take over the world’s largest technology market. However, with shares falling by 2% following the earnings release, this potential deal could be on hold for now.

Samsung currently lead the market in China with a 18.3% share, meaning Apple and Samsung would once more go head to head in a new market together. Potential investors are interested to see how the companies will battle it out, but who is more likely to win?

Here are the stats on the companies and the commencing battle! We’ll give our consumer perspective after you’ve checked out the figures.


Infographic provided by City Index

So what do you think? Who will win out in the battle for global smartphone supremacy?

Apple have certainly held the monopoly for some time but Samsung do appear to be gaining ground and it does seem that the China Mobile deal could be a make or break deal in the ongoing saga.

From a consumer perspective, I’ve seen many of my friends over the past couple of years switch away from the iPhone, only to return to it after discovering flaws or negatives in their new operating system or handset of choice. Yes, since the sad departure of Steve Jobs new product innovation may be slightly lacking, but unless Apple’s competitors come up with something truly groundbreaking, the Apple brand and the strong team and trust that Steve built behind the brand will likely help them to maintain their competitive edge in the coming years.

Taking a more long term view, the innovation is going to have to come from somewhere or it is somewhat inevitable that other manufacturers will take on the coveted mantle. When it comes to branding, it seems to me that we used to live in a 100 year world where nowadays we live in a 10 year world, a world that demands you bring new product ideas and innovation to the table or get left behind. We only have to look to Blackberry for proof of that.

So again, what do you think the future holds for the smartphone market and who do you think will win the race in the coming decade or decades? Apple, Samsung, or someone else? One thing is for sure, it will be a hotly contested race, a race which you the consumer will decide.

3 Responses to Apple vs. Samsung the battle figures revealed!

  1. Here in our small city Apple and Samsung are the leading mobiles. I don’t have an Apple nor a Samsung I only have a cheap smartphone but it’s very useful for me. I do have lots of applications that I can use.

  2. It’s crazy how intense that competition is. But it seems that the competition is good for the industry in general.

  3. I think it is hard for any giant to stay on top for a long time and always come up with something new. However Apple has a great market penetration and if all your documents are in their cloud, you will need another of their products to keep track. It may be how they’ll keep a big market share.

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