Not all jobs are advertised online


When it comes to job hunting, in recent years the internet has proved to be an extremely useful resource which has made the process of finding a job a whole lot easier. In some ways though, this great online resource could also become a barrier to employment if you begin to rely solely upon it as your only job searching method, leading you to miss out on other opportunities. Whilst it is true that lots of companies will list their vacancies online, some will not and this may be especially true for smaller local firms. To find these unadvertised jobs then you will likely have to go about things the old fashioned way.

Boots on the ground

If a job isn’t being advertised online then it is highly unlikely that this job will somehow come to you, you will need to go and find it! When you think about it this is only going to happen if you are willing to put the effort in to get out there, start meeting people and then start asking questions about possible vacancies. Admittedly, some people may find it quite daunting to walk into a store or office and ask if there are any positions available but it can be a very effective way of discovering job vacancies that might not be advertised online. 9 times out of 10 you will be told that there are no vacancies currently available but if you make the approach armed with a copy of your CV to leave with the business then you never really know what might come of your efforts in the near future. By making an effort and having the courage to go out and actively look for a position you will be showing enthusiasm, positivity and a proactive nature to potential employers and this may well leave a lasting impression on the person you speak with, causing them to remember you for future opportunities which may arise.

It’s a numbers game

When looking for any job you are effectively trying to sell yourself to potential employers. It is often said that when it comes to selling something, it’s a numbers game. The more people you speak to and the more often that you can get your CV into the hands of the right people, the greater your chances will be of finding those elusive jobs that don’t live online. You might also find that even though one store or company doesn’t currently have any vacancies, they may know of someone or somewhere else that is currently hiring. If you find that you are hit with a few knockbacks when you first start approaching people don’t let it put you off and certainly don’t give up, it’s a numbers game and if you keep on knocking then eventually a door will be opened.

So if spending your day browsing job searching sites online isn’t really producing results then perhaps now might be the right time to put your talents out there and be proactive. Not all jobs are advertised online and finding the ones that aren’t will require effort, courage and persistence. If that effort, courage and persistence is rewarded with a permanent job however, then it will certainly have been worth it.

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  1. You are so right in everything you write here. One needs to have a multifaceted attack to take on the job market. Relying on just one way of doing it is not the most effective. Still, it is difficult to walk in to a place cold and have to sell yourself.

  2. Alexis says:

    I’ve noticed that I’ve only looked at job sites online to search for jobs. I realized I should also start looking in paper ads and also going to the actual site of the job I want to apply to. Whether they are hiring or not, I can at least try to land a job at the place.

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