Saving Money by Doing It Yourself


If you are getting serious about investing in your real estate, then you know it’s time to start making upgrades. From installing rain gutters to re-doing the trim, assessing the foundation and making repairs, or even just re-painting, there are numerous tasks, large and small, that you can do to make sure your property’s value is always on the rise.

If your goal is to increase your property’s net worth, you need to consider the total balance sheet. Doing work to increase its value is an excellent idea, however you need to keep in mind the costs that it took to get your property’s value to its new level. Hiring outside workers to come work on your property is going to build in costs to its new value.

Rather than hiring outside workers to do simple projects, you should definitely consider doing these projects yourself to save money. By working on projects yourself you’ll save money in two ways. First off, doing the project yourself saves directly on labor costs. You won’t need to pay a contractor nor their employees for time they spend working on your property. Of course, your time is worth something too, but ostensibly you can pay yourself less than you pay others, and make your wages back when it comes time to sell the property.

Secondly, you’ll save cash by buying materials at a better price. When you hire a contractor, you are at their mercy as far as sourcing materials and getting the best deal. When you do a project yourself, you can source the materials from the very best stores, like B&Q. Also when you check out Groupon discount codes, you can find great savings from B&Q. Make sure you purchase high quality materials that are going to last until long after you’ve made your sale- the last thing you want is to have to do a project twice before re-selling the property. You not only control quality when you buy the materials yourself, but you also control the price.

Take direct control of your property value by taking home improvement projects directly into your own hands. There are a lot of ways you can improve a property and increase its value, but a rare few that will help you save money while you are at it. Spend less cash by becoming your own contractor, foreman, lead, and laborer, and you’ll find your property’s value goes up much faster.

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  1. You could also just buy the materials if it is a job that a contractor really needs to do. A lot of people do this with car parts too 🙂

  2. Esther says:

    We recently carried out a home improvement project where we made a massive savings by purchasing material and doing most of the works ourselves. Although it was little daunting when we first started the works; in the long run the benefit of doing these ourselves definitely outweighed the disadvantages.

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