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The Things That Are Worth Paying a Bit Extra For


The eternal struggle in my house when I was a kid was about when it was worth paying a bit more for something. My Dad hated buying anything that wasn’t the cheapest priced item available, while my Mum liked to pay more for a bit of quality on some things.

Which one of them was right? I think that sometimes it is possible to take the cheapest price going, while in other cases it is definitely a good idea to pay a bit extra. So what would you pay extra for?

Your Clothes?

I think the big mistake a lot of people make is in thinking that it is a straight choice between cheap clothes and expensive, designer gear. Actually, the third choice is to buy good value stuff which might be a bit more expensive but which give you better quality. I have never owned an Armani or Versace garment in my life, well unless we are counting fakes bought on holiday which cost about £2 and fell apart after being washed for the first time. Buying clothes that cost a bit more is worth it if you are paying for quality material instead of for the brand name. How often have you bought some cheap t-shirts or a pair of jeans and then had to replace them because they had lost their shape or become faded or worn really quickly? When it comes to shoes paying that bit extra for quality is probably even more important. I can remember buying several pairs over the years which didn’t even last a month of use, while others have given me years of service.

Your Food?    

When money is tight or you are trying to save it can be extremely tempting to cut back on your food expenses. After all, the supermarkets are full of cheap and cheerful options like low cost ready meals, dried pasta meals and tinned stuff. The problem is that this kind of food doesn’t give you all of the nutrients you need. Healthier food like fresh fruit and vegetables and meat often cost a bit more than the very cheapest options. A good idea is to save money where you can by choosing the supermarket’s own brand in the likes of butter and cooking oil, where it shouldn’t really matter too much. This should free up some extra cash to buy quality ingredients.

It is interesting that in the UK and other developed countries we spend so little of our monthly income on food. The latest figures I could find show that in developed countries we spend less than 10% of our household income on food (this was in the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada). Meanwhile, in less developed nations families spend up to 40% on what they eat (Morocco, Nigeria, Indonesia, Vietnam etc). Surely this means that it is an area in which we have a little bit of flexibility which we could make more use of?

Your Bed?

How much of your day do you spend in bed? Unless you are really lazy or really active you are probably in it or on it about 7 – 10 hours a day. This means that it is well worth getting a high quality one which will keep your back in good condition and give you a lifetime of use. There is a lot of cheap furniture around these days which wouldn’t last you much time at all. However, by shopping around and paying more for some real quality you can get a bed which will be a pleasure to lie on.

What things are you happy to spend a bit more on?

18 Responses to The Things That Are Worth Paying a Bit Extra For

  1. I usually bought a cheap blous and bags but when it comes to shoes I only have 3 pairs of sketchers shoes. I bought it 7 years ago and I’m still using it until now.

  2. Buying a quality bed is worth the money, especially because a good quality mattress should last about 8 to 10 years – it becomes more of an investment at that point that just a purchase. The same can be said of quality clothes, too. If you buy classic pieces that are high quality, you should be able to keep and wear them for years.

  3. moneystepper says:

    I’ve always been told to spend money on beds and work shoes as they are the only things you spend 6-10 hours a day in for at least 5 days of the week!!

  4. I splurge on “workout wear”. Between my running, my work as an actress/dancer, and the fact that yoga pants are the most comfortable and flattering pants in the world, I practically live in “workout wear”. I used to buy cheap stuff that would get holes and rips within the first year. Now I pay extra for lulu lemon and it’s totally worth it.

  5. SavvyJames says:

    I agree with each of those. To that list I might add shoes, particularly athletic (running) shoes. While better shoes are pricier, the comfort and requisite support cannot be underestimated and are well worth it.

  6. I like to spend more money on clothes because I believe in quality over quantity. I rather have good quality pieces in my wardrobe then a bunch of cheap clothes.

  7. I was just thinking this past weekend how I spend $50 on a facial product, but I refuse to pay $6 for a new cat bowl that I loved, but I already have one. Or I will spend 10 minutes searching for coupons to save $2.00. To me, like you talked about, certain things are worth spending the money and other things aren’t. Hopefully the savings in my coupons and keeping the same old cat bowl will make up for spending the little extra on the facial product…

  8. I’ve had some crappy beds…..but my wife and I purchased a high end bed a few years ago. Oh boy, is it worth the money to get a good night sleep and not slide out of bed with a backache!

  9. You summed up a good list, i would also add. Vacations there are certain amnetities i can’t live without.

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