Web Hosting ~ It pays to be with the big boys!


If you regularly follow us here on Money Bulldog you might well have noticed that things have been a bit temperamental over the last few weeks when it comes to getting onto our site. If you’re active in the world of personal finance blogging you’ll also have noticed that it’s not just me, the problem has literally affected hundreds of blogs and if the owners of those blogs have been dealing with anywhere near the level of stress that I have with this issue over the past couple of weeks, I can imagine they’re looking forward to the weekend more than ever.

If I’ve learned anything from all of this week’s madness though it’s that you need to choose your hosting carefully. In some ways I got off lightly because things could’ve been much worse had Andrea (The lady who was hosting our sites) not done all she could’ve possibly done to keep us all online while her servers were under attack.

As a blogger I’ve found that the internet and more specifically the blogosphere is full of interesting and friendly people who are more than willing to help you along in your journey in gaining an online following or even build an online brand. The sad thing is that there’s also a lot of people who will try to shut those doors right in your face as soon as they begin to open which is unfortunately what seems to have happened in Andrea’s case.


From my own perspective I’ll never host with a small hosting company again. I know that many people do and that the bigger hosts are by no means immune to the type of attacks that can be inflicted upon a server, but the one big thing they do have on their side is resources. I’m not just talking about financial resources but also resources in the form of skilled staff and lots of them, back up servers for when things are under attack and they also have the resources to recognise and respond to web attacks as soon as they start to occur.

Not all big hosts are worthy though

Even though most of the big hosts do have the resources mentioned above, that doesn’t mean that they’re all good hosts to be with. I’d only just moved over to Andrea’s hosting company (I’m refraining from mentioning her company name because for the service she provided in the short time I was there, I wouldn’t want her to receive any negative press for her other online services if she does choose to carry them on) because of a bad experience I’d had with another big host ‘1&1’. If you’re looking to start a blog and you’re going to be running WordPress as a blogging platform then it’s even more important that you do your research before choosing a host because of all the plugins you’ll want to run – believe me you will want to run more and more as your blog develops – and quite a few big hosts just won’t allow that kind of memory use on a shared server.

So where are we hosted now? Over the course of the last few weeks I’ve had many people recommend HostGator* so that’s who I’m with now, I’ll let you know how I get on! So far so good, I think.

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14 Responses to Web Hosting ~ It pays to be with the big boys!

  1. It appears that has been happening a lot lately with the hosting. I agree with hosting with the bigger companies. Usually I try to go with mom and pops of small businesses. But somethings you need to be able to have the knowledge and the know how. Sometimes the cost is worth it and sometimes it isn’t. I am with hostgator and really like the chat feature to get problems fixed.

    • I’m like you Thomas, I like to support local businesses whenever I can. When it comes to the site though up time really is everything. I didn’t realise just how frustrating being offline could be until this week, never again!

  2. As you well know I was one of the ones impacted, interestingly enough when I was out of town. I tend to agree with your thoughts about going with a bigger hosting company as they do have so many resources at their disposal. As we both know, it comes down to up time and that’s the name of the game for us. That said, you also lose the personal service like Andrea provided which I know I’ll miss…but it’s a tradeoff just like many other things I guess. Thanks so much for the mention Adam, I really appreciate it. Have a great weekend!

    • She was really good, it’s a real shame what happened. I’m surprised she managed to keep things going as long as she did really. You have a good one too John 🙂

  3. Pauline says:

    I love hostgator and have had no pb with them but there are a few complaints on the yakezie.
    Hope it goes smoothly for you, thank you for the mention!

    • No worries Pauline, it’ll be interesting to see how things go because although the load time was good with 1&1 as soon as I activated Jetpack that was it, server errors for fun. We’ll see!

  4. Sorry to hear you were impacted by all of that. I just signed up with Blue Host after weeks of reading reviews and my head exploding. I’m happy with my choice, so far. Glad to hear you are up and running now. Cheers mate

  5. Thanks a lot for including my article. I have one website hosted with Bluehost and other on a VPS with Wiredtree. I love them both.

  6. Sorry to hear you having some problems with your web host. I personally use Host Gator and I can say that I have never encounter any problems with them in the past, I hope you don’t too. Good luck man!

  7. Sorry to hear about the hosting issues. 🙁 . Us being so new to this techy stuff, chose the big boys simply out of ignorance, and it’s stories like this that make me glad we did.

  8. Yuen Tuck says:

    This post is a timely reminder that cheap isn’t always best. It’s so easy to find a cheap as chips webhost these days but it really is a case of: you get what you pay for.

    Sorry to hear you had problems, sounds like you’ve moved on to the right host

  9. I’m with Bluehost and ever once in a while the speed is an issue, but it hasn’t been a big deal. Will be interested to see how HostGator might compare!

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