Why don’t all delivery companies offer one-hour delivery slots?


Most of the time when you order something online in the UK, you are given a specified delivery day by the delivery company or merchant telling you the day on which your package will be arriving. The other day though, I placed an order online with a certain merchant and when the delivery company contacted me they gave me a specified one-hour delivery slot to go along with the assigned delivery day. This isn’t an isolated incident as it has also happened to me a couple of times in the past too.

The above experience got me to thinking, why don’t all delivery companies offer a one-hour or even a two-hour specified delivery slot on deliveries? Surely in this day and age with the technology that companies have available to them, it would be possible to do this?

On the day that my item arrived last week, it really did help me out to have such a specific arrival window for my package. The items I’d ordered were very important and I really needed to know that they had arrived safely, so I wanted to make sure I was home to accept the items just in case a signature was required and none of my neighbours were around to accept the package on my behalf. On the flipside though, I had quite a lot to fit into my schedule on that particular day and I was a little worried about how I was going to fit it all in if I’d had to wait in all day for a parcel to be delivered. When the one hour specified delivery slot message came through then, it was a great relief.

I’m not expert in how delivery companies organise their operations, but you would think that by the time a parcel or package had made its way onto the van to go out for delivery that day, that they would have a pretty reasonable idea of what time they are due to be delivering the package, give or take an hour or two. So I don’t understand why – if they have either your phone number or email address on file as part of the order process – they can’t just automate a quick message to go out to you informing you of the exact time of day your package is expected to arrive. If this means an update to the current technology that they have in place then surely it would be worth it to improve customer satisfaction?

If you are a retailer and you are reading this post then I would seriously consider using a delivery company that offers this kind of specified time window delivery service to deliver your packages, as my experience the other day didn’t just give me a feeling of satisfaction with the courier that delivered my items, but this feeling of satisfaction also extended on to the retailer from which I’d ordered the items, and it has certainly increased the chances of me ordering from that particular retailer again.

So, we can see that the technology to offer a specified one or two hour time window for the majority of online purchases certainly exists and with the potential for increased customer satisfaction, surely it is about time that more courier companies began offering this kind of service as standard.

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