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It’s Good to Give + Movember Giveaway


Hey everyone, hope you’re having a relaxing Saturday! I can guess I won’t be with the two little ones running around the place, time to head out into the countryside! Anyway although we have some other things I need to mention I also wanted to use today’s post to talk a little bit about giving.

On Money Bulldog we tend to talk a lot about making money, investing money, saving money and spending money but I have to hold my hands up and say that often times the premise of giving gets lost along the way, something I’m not proud of. This week I was contacted by a blogger friend of mine who was planning an admirable post to highlight the preferred charities of a bunch of bloggers in the hope that it may lead to some big – or not so big – donations. The thing is, they all count.

Now I know that Children in Need is on the Horizon and that has always been on the top of my list of charities to support. I even organised a charity run when I was 10 and went canvassing door-to-door around the neighborhood gaining sponsors. It was just typical that on the day of the run it hailed stones the size of tennis balls, well they felt like it anyway. Still completed the run though :-).

This time though, I decided to highlight the work of another very well known charity and that’s the work of Macmillan Cancer Support. Sadly my uncle passed away last year after fighting a brain tumor for some time. My cousin is now very heavily involved in the fund raising work for the charity, so much so that she gave up her job to pursue it. My wife’s 14 year old cousin has also battled with cancer for the majority of his life after developing a brain tumor at the age of just 2 and he also recently had another scare with the disease, so you can see why I decided to go with Macmillan. Anything you can do to support their wonderful work would be amazing.

When we first started out blogging on Money Bulldog we also mentioned another little boy who lives in my local town who sadly contracted meningitis resulting in the loss of both his legs. Due to the amazing fundraising work of his mother little Louie now has the prosthetic legs that he needs but as I’m sure you can imagine, his needs are going to be ongoing for the rest of his life, so I feel this is also a good time to give another mention to the Charity Louie’s amazing meningitis battle.

We can see from this post that many people in life are dealing with their own personal tragedy’s but they are dealing with them with courage, doing the best thing they can in tough situations. Let’s join them by doing our best and giving what we can and staying positive when we face tragedy ourselves.

Another Blogger friend of mine Todd over at Fearless Dollar launched a Movemeber giveaway this week so perhaps that might be an opportunity for a bit of a fundraiser. Maybe you could grow a tash for a month for charity, or perhaps you can get to the point where people have to sponsor you just to get rid of it? Just a thought. Anyway here’s the giveaway. Below it I’ve also listed a bunch of carnivals who were kind enough to include Money Bulldog last week, I really appreciate it guys! Have a great weekend everyone.

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8 Responses to It’s Good to Give + Movember Giveaway

  1. SavvyJames says:

    Adam, It really is good to give – either your time, energy, knowledge, or monetarily – to those less fortunate, or those that have simply run into temporary difficulties, if you have the ability to do so. Thanks for your contribution to my post and I plan to visit/check out the Macmillan Cancer Support website this morning.

  2. We were discussing this yesterday in church yesterday talking about the less unfortunate in countries that do not have resources that many of take for granted. Especially if you live in a country that is very resourceful. When you shared the story on the boy who lost his legs really make me think about how fortunate I really am.

  3. If your stuck for money – say paying off debt then volunteering your time for a charity is equally valuable

  4. I raised money in conjunction with my marathon training. I wound up raising $4,000 for cancer research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital in New York City. It made my marathon, that much more meaningful.

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